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    • (Interview with W Magazine, Feb 07)
      W Magazine: You've often said you don't consider yourself a political person.
      Ellen: I don't make any kind of political statements. The only statement I make is that I'm openly gay and that I'm not ashamed of it, I'm proud of it, and that everybody deserves to be represented on television. I think secrets are what make you sick.
      W Magazine: You had a very public relationship and breakup, yet since then, you haven't tried to hide your relationships.
      Ellen: I have more confidence in making decisions now, instead of letting someone else make decisions on how I should act in public. I don't think I'll ever make—I don't want to call it mistakes—but it was a lot for people all of a sudden. They hadn't seen that before; they hadn't seen two women holding hands, or with their arms around each other on a red carpet. Now, I think in some ways I'm a little more private with my relationship. But we certainly don't hide it. It was harder for [Portia] because before we got together she wasn't out. She wasn't public. It was actually a big step for her to take.
      W Magazine: Do you have a paparazzi problem?
      Ellen: If they find us shopping or something, they follow us, from store to store, the same shot—we're getting out of the car, we walk into a place, they wait for us, we come out, we get in the car, they follow us to another place, we get out of the car. It's like, Really? This is what you're going to do with your day?
      W Magazine: How do you deal with that?
      Ellen: I'm not overly friendly, but I just smile or sometimes I ignore them. But I don't care one way or another. They're just trying to make money.
      W Magazine: That's gracious.
      Ellen: We were in an accident a while back, and they were following us. A car hit them first and then they hit us, and then we hit the car in front of us. One ended up on a stretcher. The girlfriend showed up 15 minutes later and is like, "Did you call your mom?" All of a sudden I saw this little…he was young, and he's talking to his girlfriend and they're talking about his mom. It was so interesting to me in a situation like that, to see who they were.