Ellen Dolan

Ellen Dolan


10/16/1955, Monticello, Iowa, USA

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Ellen Dolan


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Ellen was born in Monticello, Iowa and grew up in Decorah, Iowa. She is the proud mother of Angela Emmett Dolan, born on April 15, 2000. Angela's father is Ellen's partner Doug Jeffrey. Currently, Ellen lives in Greenwich Village in New York City.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ellen hosted Red to Black, the 7th Annual WorkShop Theater Company Benefit at the Zipper Company in New York City on October 29, 2007.

    • In 1993, Ellen won a Soap Opera Digest Award for her role as Margo Hughes in "As The World Turns".

    • Ellen's favorite Desperate Housewife character is Lynette

    • While Ellen was studying hard to finish her school, she studied at the Webber Douglas Academy in London in the summer.

    • Ellen studied for "being" an actress at they University of Iowa City.

    • Ellen's stage career began in 1980 at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater.

    • Ellen is asked for her part as Margo Hughes in As The World Turns by Doug Marland, whom also created her Guilding Light character Maureen Bauer.

    • Ellen started a theater group in New York called The Studio Three Group.

    • Did you know Ellen was surprised when she heard what the As The World Turns writers had in mind for her, when they told Ellen her character Margo was going to have an affair with football-star Doc Reese?

  • Quotes

    • Ellen : "I usually don't feel confident enough to walk right up to a party and defenitly not to sit next to this handsome guy, but for some kind of reason I did that same night. We've been talking the whole evening together and we had a lot of fun and we started dating. (Ellen about meeting Doug)

  • Ellen is a great, sweet actress! I love her!

    Ellen Dolan is a great, beautiful and talented actress. Besides that, she seems very funny, sweet and caring to. Ellen is one of the reasons why I keep watching As The World Turns, along with some other things, of course, sence her part in ATWT isn't very big anymore, too bad. I think that Ellen should have a bigger part as cop again in ATWT, what will make her role bigger. Anyway, Ellen's Margo on As The World Turns and all the theatherproductions she played in, are great. She deserves to be rated higher, she's defenitly underrated. Ellen rocks! I hope we see more of her soon!moreless