Ellen Dubin

Ellen Dubin


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Ellen Dubin


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Ellen Dubin is a 5'10 1/2'' stage trained striking powerhouse known for her GEMINI nominated role as Jeri Slate in the Leo Award winning drama THE COLLECTOR shown in 65 countries. Her role as Giggerota the Wicked in the international cult series LEXX as well as other sci…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ellen portayed the first female Pope in television history in a 2002 episode of the SciFi show Lexx.

    • Ellen participated in the only female vs. female sword fight in Highlander history, while playing the role of Crysta on Highlander: The Raven.

    • Ellen is the 2008 spokesperson for The Make-A-Wish Foundation in Toronto and Central Ontario.

    • (2006) Ellen appeared with Molly Ringwald and Mark Humphrey in the Lifetime TV movie The Wives He Forgot. She played the role of Gwen.

  • Quotes

    • Ellen: Lifetime movies are great movies for actresses because of the opportunity they present for them to play in interesting roles specifically designed for women. I think it's great that women are shown to be able to have the intellect and the strength to save the day.