Ellen Muth

Ellen Muth


3/6/1981, Milford, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

Ellen Anna Muth


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Ellen was born 6 March 1981 at the Milford, Connecticut, USA.

Her father, Dr. Erich Muth, was national optician of the year, has an entire museum named after him, has written numerous optical books which he donates the profits to The Erich Muth Scholarship, and there is a section…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • George is killed when a toilet seat from a space station lands on her head, but she has more of a life when dead.

    This was a great show and HBO had to get the stupid idea to cancel it. What a dumb move! I know more people who have watched it and bought it on dvd since it was cancelled, and wish they knew what happened after the last episode. there were way too many loose ends. still all in all, great show!
  • she has so much talent brings so much to few films she has done ..

    her role as george in dead like me was so

    witty and dry yet so real and heartfelt she is a gifted actress ....

    if you look at all she has been in film wise she

    just engrosses herself in her roles she been in ...

    as a teenager who comes out gay to her mom ... was so powerful the tv film was called The Truth About Jane

    she was so... into the role so convincing ... you could see the ablity ..

    ellen also is real like in what she plays ..add a dimnsion that is lacking in alot of acting and new actress these days in movies and cable tv showsmoreless