Ellen Page





2/21/1987 , Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth Name

Ellen Philpotts-Page




Ellen Page, born February 21, 1987 in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada, is most known for brilliantly playing the witty and cynical pregnant teen Juno in the movie of the same name. Having begun her professional acting career when she was 10 with the TV Series Pit Pony, it came as no surprise that Ellen would soon land a project that would catch the attention of movie audiences and critics alike.

In between her television debut and the movie that skyrocketed her into international fame, Page portrayed several roles in various TV shows and movies including Trailer Park Boys (2001-2002), her film debut Marion Bridge (2002), and the TV movie I Downloaded a Ghost (2004). In her young career, Ellen has worked with veteran actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker (Smart People), Catherine Keener (An American Crime), and Ellen Burstyn (Stone Angel).

In addition, Ellen has starred in a box-office hit when she appeared as Kitty Pryde in the 2006 summer blockbuster, X-Men: The Last Stand. Her gift as a talented actress was unraveled in 2007 when she took the lead and title-character role in the 2008 Oscar Best Picture nominee Juno (2007). Boasting an already impressive resumé, Ellen Page has proven to be one of the brightest, not to mention loveliest, young faces that has ever graced the big screen.