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    Ellen Page is the epitome of what young Hollywood should be.She is a great actress and modest.Although she was not known (until Juno of course) her breakthrough performance was in Hard Candy.For being so young and knowing so little of the industry she really delivered.I am a huge fan and will be for years to come.She is so pretty and talented which is what Hollywood is supposed to be.Finally there is someone young in the entertainment business who didnt get the job because of how rich or pretty or glamourous she was but actually got the job because of her incredible talent.
  • She's great

    My new added actress on my fave ones list is who else than, Ellen Page. She's really really cool, beyond that "Look at me I'm a freaking movie star, give me some small and hairless puppies to carry out in my Prada bag". I have seen her in the movie called Candy, an impressive role, and she acted very and incredibly well! She can act, that's for sure. But the movie that convinced me of it was the new one, this movie from 2008, Juno. It's really great! The message was well kept thorugh the acting, good job girl! Also, I like her personality, you can see she's not your average b**chy hollywood actress. A thing to appreaciate at her.
  • ellen page is not yet really recognizd...but if you have seen his her movie x-men 3..she's really cool!... she's really a great actress..she roCkz...but she dont want to think she's cool..she's not a boastfull person...they're good friends with Ben foster

    ellen page is not yet really recognized...but if you have seen his her movie x-men 3..she's really cool!... she's really a great actress..she roCkz...but she dont want to think she's cool..because she's not a boastfull person...they're good friends with Ben foster.....some person thinks its ellen page's boyfrnd....some person love thiz gurl.... she's unique....she's different with other actress in a cool way...she's really original!!!....im a number 1 fan of thiz person..she lives in halifax Canada.....thats really cool!!!....if ur reading thiz review...some of u would not beleive!...but if watch x-men3....you will beleive me....im not sayin thiz because im a fan of her!...but she's really great!!!............his next Movie is the american crime and Juno..which she plays juno....ummm.....if some have given me the chance to go to halifax for free.....i would be very happy.....her first movie is PIT PoNY which she plays maggie Mclean..but i havent seen thiz movie yet......many people hasn't recognize ellen page , she said she dont feel comfortable when she get recognized......but we can stop our selves!!.....we love thiz person!!.........you really rOck!!!
  • Ellen Page has been in many shows and movies, but hasn't always been recognized... until now. She has starred in the indie film Hard Candy and X - Men: the Last Stand as Kitty Pryde( a.k.a. the phasing leather suited Shadowcat).

    She is an amazing actress. I wish I could classify her as ten things because she's sooo much more than original. She has a different way of thinking than almost all other actors. I think she should be the lead in many other movies that have been underated because I'm sure she would have brought them up. She has a very interesting taste in the movies she acts in. She's rising very quickly, esoecially after Hard Candy and X3. She's definitely a rising star. I give her a 10! Check out her movies!