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  • Great actor.

    Love her on "Grey's".
  • Meredith is the poo!

    Meredith, Meredith, Meredith.

    That's all there is to it. I've since noticed her on other shows, a small stint on Friends, a minor role in Daredevil ... but god damn Meredith is the key.

    She's beautiful, talented, and Grey's wouldn't actually be GREY'S without her. She may not be the easiest character to define, she's dark and twisty, she's died, she's gone through more stuff than anyone actually show on a show.

    But it's her cute little side smile, the raspy voice she uses, and the way she voiceovers the beginnings of every show that makes me want to believe everything she's saying. In fact, the writers are so good and she's so good at acting that I have no choice BUT to believe her.

    Much love to Ellen, much love.
  • She's brilliant, she's talented and she's gorgeous..... She's the Grey in Grey's Anatomy!

    I'm such a huge fan of Ellen Pompeo. I first saw her on Grey's Anatomy and have been a huge fan ever since. Grey's is my all time favorite show and Meredith is my all time favorite character! She gets such difficult storylines and always manages to give brilliant performances. She is the Grey in Grey's Anatomy!!

    She is also so pretty, she looks so sweet and i seriously love her hair!!
    She shines on Grey's and always delivers amazing performances. I still can't get over her performance in "Some Kind Of Miracle". That was definitely not an easy thing to do and she was absolutely amazing!! She has that ability to really connect with audiences; when she cries it makes the audience want to cry, when she laughs it makes the audience laugh. Overall, she is a brilliant, talented and gorgeous actress and I love her in Grey's Anatomy!
  • Ellen Pompeo's brillaincy...

    From her role as the silent victim in Moonlight Mile, to her portrayal of lead actress, Dr. Meredith Grey, an intern with a 'dark and twisty' personality, hidden burdens and abandonment issues in Grey's Anatomy, Ellen pompeo has remained a shiny star in the Digital World. Although it took her most recent role as Dr. Grey, to really propel her as a household name, her sheer intelligence and ability to committ to any role has magnetically drawn fans from all over the world. Her fearlessness as an actress comes out in the women she plays. Not flat, barbie doll-replicas but characters with deep emotional history's that she pulls off so well. The way she acts leaves no doubt for viewers to understand the complexities of each role. She committs so fully, so perfectly that the fictional becomes more real than some of the people in your own life. (Although fans should proabably be aware, she ISN'T ACTUALLY A DOCTOR, so she will not be able to diagnose your symptoms...perhaps see your local GP). Of course always to the credit of the amazing writers out there, but her scenes make you shiver in fear, laugh out loud and cry like a baby. She inadvertently becomes your best friend, you find yourself cheering her on, in success; in happiness; in love; in anything her character wants.

    Her raw talent is something not easily attributed to some of the well known stars of Today. Some people may be critical of her, but there is something in the manner of her talents that you can't associate to others. For me, that exists in the realness she gives to her charcters, like you can go to a mail room and see her sorting mail, or pop into your local hospital and find her working there. It's the unrehearsed feeling you get when watching her, her character is unpolished like everyone in this world, yet her actual acting is flawless. It's a quality I associate with the older generation, the Judy Garland's and Audrey Hepburn's. Maybe you disagree, thats fine, (not really) but maybe you haven't seen Moonlight Mile or the more intensely focused Meredith Grey episodes in Grey's Anatomy, i.e. 'Golden Hour', I strongly suggest watching both these examples and then get back to me. Through her acting, and her characters she has become an inspiriation for me and many others. Keep it up Ellen Pompeo, you are brillaint!
  • I have loved Ellen Pompeo ever since I saw her in Moonlight Mile. She is the kind of actor that just kind of creeps up on me and stuns me with her talent. I trust that it will be good for Meredith Grey nonetheless.

    If you don't like Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, I strongly suggest that you look at her a little more carefully. Don't expect too much. Just because it is GREY's Anatomy, don't expect her to be the loudest one. Expect her to be a quieter member of the cast who holds them all together with her quiet confidence. Meredith Grey is a wonderful character. She speaks up when she wants, and she is really growing into her own as a doctor. I truly hope that she does not leave because there is trouble with her and Derek. I hope it is for some other reason, and that their bond will continue even in her absence. I like her character better as a stronger soul than when she was just sort of falling apart all the time, though it all makes sense.
  • Talented and great!

    I don't know how to put in 100 words about the talented Miss Pompeo. But I never had heard of her until Grey's Anatomy came on. And that she is a really good actress and pretty. As well as one to watch. If the show were to end, she has a lot of potential in making it despite hopefully the show won't end too soon. As I love this show a lot. Her character is very strong. But also very sympathetic while making her likable and independent at the same time. Also glad that she has stood by her man despite all he has been through, meaning her fiance turned husband. Bravo!
  • she rocks in grey's anatomy

    seriously she one of my favorite actor on the hit show grey's anatomy as she plays the role as mereidth grey which she does a azome jobs of doing, also she is super talentaed and she the one who keeps everything tied together in grey's anatomy she plays like the biggest role, she is likked play sevarl role in many movies Daredevil, Life of the Party, and Nobody's Perfect there is like 5 more but i dont there names even though she only stars in one tv show that tv show is greys anatomy which is like really famous anyways ellen pompep is really talented
  • she is such a good actresses and she is so pretty

    She is one of my favorite actresses she is so talent and i will watch any show that she does. I find that she fits the show perfect for this show but maybe i think that because i watch this show every time its on lol. any ways i think that in the show 'greys anatomy' her and Derek should stay together but at the same time i no that the the producers aren't going to have them staying together because thats who it has been for the whole time this show has been on. There relationship has been off and on. Well i hope you agree.
  • Fanastic Actress!!!

    Grey's Anatomy would not be the fantistic programme it is without Ellen. She has made the part her own. No one would be able to play Meridith Grey the way she does. The way she plays her part is as if it her own life. She puts emotion into her part. It is as though the part was made for Ellen. The way she interacts with Patrick Dempsy is as if he is the man she is in love with. Elleen Pompeo is a beautiful and gorgeus actress who will be around for a long time. Keep up the good work Ellen!!!
  • empty

    I must say that I don't really enjoy "Grey's Anatomy" and this season has been even worst, I can't even stayed tune to it, though I have try to watch it. But, I must say that Ellen Pompeo really is a decent good actress. She is very cool and she has this kind of attitude, that makes her look sad or happy whenever she wants to and whenever she needs to. She is cool!
  • empty

    Sorry to all of you "Grey's" fans, but Ellen Pompeo is really only a decent actress. The only emotion that I've ever been able to see her show through her face is sadness. She is constantly sporting that pouty face. If she is supposed to be happy or angry or scared, she has the same face.
  • Ellen ROCKS!

    What a great actress, not to mention gorgeous! This woman is a great pleasure to watch on Gray's anatomy! she is just an awesome character on the show and she plays the role so well. Not only is she good on the show but everyone is as a mater of fact! But she plays a somewhat complicated role on Gray's Anatomy that is perfect for her! This part is a great role for her because she seems like she is her! In a way she makes you believe that all of this is real and it is all related to you! Ellen Pompeo is a great actress and I cant wait to see more of her around! Go Ellen!
  • Ellen was born in Everett Mass., on November 10. She was 26 before she became an actress. She has been in movies like Moonlight Mile, Old School, and Catch Me if you Can. She had her big breakout playing lovelorn intern Meredith Grey. On Grey's Anatomy.

    I think she is cool. I mean I love her as Meredith. I also love Grey's Anatomy. I recently saw Moonlight MIle and I thought it was cool. I just hope she sticks around for a while and doesn't fade into the recesses of Hollywood. I am also happy for her and Chris Ivery on their engagement. Congrats you guys hope you are happy. I think she does an amazing job playing Meredith Grey on the uber hit Grey's Anatomy. I hope she does movies or something so I can see more of her, because I think she is a talented actress. Seriously!!!
  • She is soo cute, beautiful, She's Ellen

    The most gorgeous women in TV she is beautiful & talented she knows how to bring Meredith Grey to life and make people love and hate her but mostly love her.
    She's shine on tv...I think this is the first time she appiered that talented not only in a very smart way but in the way she make us believe that she is Merdith with her good heart and passion when she acts. I saw her in mant talk shows and I love her more because she is so down to earth and humble and greatful to what things turned on for her. with all this I must add she is so elegent
  • Best known as Meredith Grey, the doctor we love to hate!

    Ellen Pompeo plays Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy; she's the lead star in an ensemble cast, and that's an accomplishment in itself. Although the show is named for her character, she's not the sole focus of the show; we are early on introduced to the other interns and doctors, and come to care about all of them as much, if not more, than Meredith.

    Ellen plays a difficult character as well; Meredith is damaged and doesn't know what she wants, so keeps hurting other people in her search to make herself happy. This character is selfish, self-centered, inconsiderate and whiny, yet Ellen Pompeo plays her so well that we still ~care~ about Meredith. The cliff-hanger in Meredith's relationships at the end of the second season was fantastic, and I can't wait for the third season to start, to see who Meredith chooses. (My bet: she'll make the wrong choice!)
  • Ellen Pompeo is a talented person who works very hard.

    Ellen Pompeo is a talented person who works very hard. She is amazing on Greys Anatimy. The character is fun to watch and very relatable. I very much enjoy her as a person and she is very good looking. I hope that she ends up with the character of Mcdreamy. Ellen Pompeo is a great person and I very much enjoy watching her every week. I cant wait for season 3 of her show. It will be fun to see if it can compeate with the other shows that are on Thursdays like CSI and the new shows. But I think that Ellen can do it.
  • She's amazing! She does a great job with Meredith!

    I love Ellen Pompeo.. She's given so many aspects to the characters that is Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy.. And She can pull off so many aspects... And she's got an amazing smile and personality..
    I truly think that she's worhty of an Emmy in the future..
    I've also loved her on Old School... She's a very multi-talented actress who is acceptable in different roles..
    I'd love to see her in more nice movie projects in the future of course she still has to work on Grey's since she's amazing on it!! :D

    So, she's the best!! and really beautiful as well...
    and a plus is, she's picking McDreamy!! :D
  • ellen pompeo is a gorgeous women and a great actor

    ellen pompeo is a gorgeous women and a great actor
    she is fabulos on greys anatomy and shes a pretty women. she deserves an emmy far more then any one else and she will have one before the day is over. she can cry she can laugh and she can make us cry. she is the best on the show and she deserves more credit then she gets.
  • Mnogo mi haresva rolqta i v serqla

    Ellen Pompeo made her major studio screen debut in Brad Silberling's Moonlight Mile, starring alongside Susan Sarandon, Dustin Hoffman and Jake Gyllenhaal. She received outstanding reviews for her portrayal of an outspoken young woman carrying a silent burden that's breaking her heart. A native of Boston, Pompeo was most recently seen starring opposite Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell in the wildly successful Old School and, before that, in Steven Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. Prior to Moonlight Mile, Pompeo starred in several independent features, including In the Weeds and Coming Soon, and she can also be seen in the upcoming Glory Days.


    She is amazing ! FLAWLESS. PERFECT. RADIANT. BRIGHT. I LOVE THIS WOMAN! she deserves her own show. she is super talented and way easy going. she is disregarded a lot and i think she should get more coverage. i mean look at this girl. she has it all! i hope grey\'s anatomy will stay on for a long long time because it one of the greatest shows in ages. i have waited for a doctor show that i can actually relate to or at least partly. and this is perfect! thank you ! i love you ellen! keep on doing shows & movies! you are perfect for them.//
  • Ohh my Gosch...

    She is so talented .. And her hair is so good looking on her.. When I saw Catch me if you can and Daredevil(something like that) I thout that she is going to be a big show star and now she is!! And troust me on this one ; She will winn a Oscar atlast!
  • Ellen Pompeo from Grey's is one of the new hottest actresses on tv. you can catch her on the new hit comdey show grey's antaomy. she is going to me a big star. she has also appeared in a couple of movies feautring som big names like luke wilson.

    Ms. Pompeo on of the top raising actress in her lead role in grey's anatomy. she is going to me on of the brightest stars to come.Ellen Pompeo from Grey's is one of the new hottest actresses on tv. you can catch her on the new hit comdey show grey's antaomy. she is going to me a big star. she has also appeared in a couple of movies feautring som big names like luke wilson. She was in Old School and Catch Me If you Can. She is on of hollywood's hottest stars.
  • She's just Ellen Pompeo ... She's good :D

    If I'm honest, I don't really know Ellen's work outside of Grey's Anatomy ... So I will just say something about that :D. I think Ellen does a really good job, I think she's a talented actress. In the series she's good with her words and she, I don't know, she just convinced me that she's Meredith Grey. This I admire in a person ... I have this same feeling with persons like Holly Marie Combs and Johnny Depp (who I think are the best). In short, I think she's a very talented actress, who does her job well ...
  • I have enjoyed Ellen in the few mainstream roles she has done. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future. I thought Ellen was lovely in "Moonlight Mile" and "Old School". Bravo Ms. Pompeo, keep it up.

    On "Grey's Anatomy", Ellen Pompeo has really brought a fresh voice to the prime time heroine. She isn't too sweet and I don't resent her character either. Ellen achieves the balance of nice and nasty with an honesty that I believe most women (married, single or otherwise) can relate to. I was not initially interested in "Grey's", but after watching a couple of random episodes, realized that this may be a very original piece.
    I hope to see more from all of the cast, especially Ms. Pompeo. I truly do admire her work.