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    • Ellen Pompeo: (About CPR being done on her for Grey's Anatomy) To make it look believable they really have to pump on your chest. And after a while, of course your heart does respond. So my heart, I had, kept having this, like, palpitations. It's making me feel really strange to have people do CPR on me for hours and hours at the time. I don't think it's that great for you. So after the first day, I told Rob, who is directing the episodes, I said "You have to get me some sort of, you know, chest plate". So they got this plastic chest plates. I think they used the ones from, that the girls used for Charlie's Angels. They had 3 sort of busts and I think I got Demi's, and I wore that, under all the blankets so when they were doing CPR on me I didn't really have to feel the impact. So that made things a lot better for me.