Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper


5/2/1980, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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  • Ellie Kemper is Kelly Erin Hannon in The...
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Actress and comedienne Ellie Kemper, most recognized by television audiences as Dunder Mifflin receptionist Erin Hannon on The Office, has been acting and writing most of her adult life in New York City prior to her addition to the cast of the NBC hit comedy. The St. Louis,…more


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    • Ellie: (on being part of "The Office") As an actor, you just don't know what the next thing is going to be. To have a job in the first place is of course fantastic, but I can't imagine a better part on a television show. Something bad is going to happen to me, because this is too much good stuff!

    • Ellie: If there's one thing I hate more than not being on a roll, it's trying to start being on a roll. Another thing I hate is work. And that's precisely what makes being on a roll so hard.

    • Ellie: I like to cook, and then I like to eat the things that I've cooked; I like to save the things that I don't eat for Sunday night leftovers; I like to try out new recipes, even if they sound scary or spicy.

    • Ellie: I'm a total guy's girl. You can cuss and say bad words in front of me, and I don't even care about it. You can guzzle beer, and burp, and throw up the beer in your lap, and move on to straight gin, and start pissing all over the plant in the corner, and punch in the wall, and accidentally kick Yaps across the room, and mention that I order some chicken wings, b!tch.

    • Ellie: (about portraying the replacement for Pam Beesley as the receptionist on "The Office") The Internet is actually hooked up, so I sent an email to my mom that said, 'I'm at Pam's desk right now!' It's unbelievable.

    • Ellie: The big rule of improv is 'yes and...' When someone gives you information, you accept it, and then add your own information to build on the scene. I think this is the greatest rule ever. You can apply it to anything from polite cocktail party small talk to making a really great sundae.

    • Ellie: (about working on "The Office") Being on set with them is like being in a dream, except the dream is real and I can reach out and touch them. Except I am trying not to touch them too much, because I was raised right.

    • Ellie: (on her online video entitled "Blowjob") I'm a bit uncomfortable about that video because I always think of my family seeing it, but it got people's attention. I was on the Upper West Side depositing a check and this guy said, 'I love your video! You can have free wine at my wine shop anytime you want!' So it has opened doors.

    • Ellie: I'm the most comfortable when I'm playing a naturalistic character. I auditioned for Saturday Night Live and when I was doing the biggest characters, I felt the least comfortable. I'm just more comfortable when it's some version of myself.