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Ellie Paskell

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  • she's an awesome actress shame about her past because shes such a wonderful girl

    Ellie paskell was born in manchester and attended west high (a school in salford witch specializes in music and drama)shes only young (16 yrs) but she informs us about her dull past.so heres an interveiw teen kids had with ellie

    Q west high has a good reputation and you found your talent and progressed from there,what was so bad about it? ELLIE:west high was a great school for me i agree.But thats not where my regrets come from...they came from my previous school before that (parklee junior school) Q:junior school was a long time ago surely you have moved on?

    ELLIE:i have to an extent but the only reason i moved schools in the first place was because i was being bullied.i regret leaving my friends.but i dont know if they feel the same way or even know about my accomplishments.

    Q:What do you miss the most from your past?

    ELLIE:My friends mostly but there was only one person i really feel guilty for leaving but i cant remember his name

    Q:was this a boyfriend and why do you miss him the most? ELLIE:he wasn't a boyfriend but the reason i miss him the most is because he tried his best to make me feel better and stop the bully's but because of that he got accused of being one himself.

    Q:why didn't you two keep in touch ?

    ELLIE:Well i never showed my appreciation i just wanted to get away and start a new.

    Q:have you ever thought of contacting him again?

    ELLIE:I have but like my other friends he probably dont even remember me and the fact that i dont remember his name makes it impossible so im just going to move on because like it is said everything happends for a reason right?moreless