Elliott Lewis

Elliott Lewis


11/28/1917, New York, New York, USA



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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • During the fall of 1953, two of Elliott Lewis' radio programs were scheduled back-to-back on CBS. He tried an experiment, dramatizing the assassination of Abraham Lincoln on Crime Classics and followed it with a staging of Our American Cousin (the play Lincoln was attending when he was shot) on On Stage. The experiment was deemed unsuccessful, and CBS President William Paley advised Lewis to never try it again.

    • Elliott Lewis was introduced to his first wife, Cathy Lewis, by a mutual friend who thought it would be funny as they had the same last name.

    • In 1958, Elliott Lewis produced an unsold television pilot called Stage Father, a comedy starring Ed Wynn as a former vaudeville performer.

    • Elliott Lewis was dubbed "Mr. Radio" by CBS publicity because of his work as a writer, producer, director and actor in over 900 network radio shows.

  • Quotes

    • Elliott Lewis: I never enjoyed acting," Lewis once observed in an interview. I was able to do it, because it's a trick, and it's a trick that somehow I knew how to do, without any training.

    • Elliott Lewis: (on his brief experience teaching at UCLA) I learned that there are commercial and sustaining shows in universities, too. The academic life is not as honest as I'd hoped it would be.

    • Elliott Lewis: What I want most is to have five shows a week on which I produce and direct. I have three now. Next fall maybe I'll have five. I just can't sit still.