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  • Great singer.

    Great person.
  • i am, and always will be, and e-train rydah.

    Elliott Yamin, originated in Richmond, VA, couldn't be any sweeter. throughout the competition i'd dial with two phones on each of his numbers. He made me care so mumch, it was crazy.

    Elliott's voice didn't need a ritual to warm up, he just sang. Looks can be decieving. Because he sang those crooner songs and made so many girls swoon. Elliott was underrated, wasn't exactly the crowd favorite, but was so sweet.

    And i must admit, it was so cute the way his mom loved him. I felt like i knew him. He was just the hometown boy, underrestimated by those who knew him as the boy with diabetes, or 'the one with bad teeth'.

    ... but he coudn't have been any more perfect. His voice, & him. especially him.
  • Looks can be deceiving.

    Elliott Yamin hails from Richmond Virginia but was born in Los Angeles California, he dropped out of high school and has always had a love for music. He has worked as a DJ even in their local pharmacy. Going out with his family to a Karaoke he discovered his gift. The gift of singing. From there he went off to audition for the fifth season of American Idol. He may not have had the best looks but he made it far and was the under dog. He made it to the top three contestants but was eliminated with just a little difference in votes from teh other two contestants. He continues to shine and has a great career ahead of him.
  • Amazing! That's all I can say.

    You wouldn't know it just by looking at him but as soon as he opens his mouth you are as a loss for words. Elliot had one of the best voices not just this season but in all of the seasons so far. I love the fact that he doesn't look like a pop star and he is grateful for every opportunity that comes his way. I couldn't believe when I hear that Elliot is deaf in one ear and that he has diabetes. I truly though he would get farther in the competition. I will be buying Elliot's album when it comes out. You should too.
  • I think Elliott is one of the best singers the American idol has this far. I hope he becomes the next American idol. The guy is bad, thats why he is still in the compatition. Good luck Elliott. Show them what your are made of.

    I have watch The American Idol since it first Aired in 2002 and haven't stop watching it since. It seems that each year it gets better and better. You never really know what is going to happen next or who will be kick off the show. I look forward to watching the show each year. American idol has become the talk at school and at work. It's like a big soap opera. I encourage Fox to continue with American Idol for many many years. As long as Fox airs American Idol, I will watch it and vote.This has been the best season Yet!
  • True Idol

    Elliott is amazing! Not only is his voice amazing, but he is very handsome, and seems to have a great sense of humor. And he seems humble, and grateful, and sweet. But it is about talent, and like I said, he has an amazing voice. I have most of his performances dowloaded onto my MP3 player, and could listen to them all day long, especially \\\"A Song For You\\\" and \\\"Somebody To Love\\\". This man deserves to go all...the...way!!!!!! I believe he is by far the most talented singer this season. Not to belittle any of the others\\\' talented, but Elliott brings it every week, And never before have I been so passionate about a finalist. Elliott brings it out in me!
  • Awesome!

    Elliott Yamin is one the best singers of "American Idol". When he was performing "Somebody To Love" [a song by Queen], wow, I cried listening to him. The guy is a real singer, his voice and talent are just amazing. He is going far, more then he thinks and he deserves... =)
  • Elliot is my favorite for several reasons, but the biggest reason is because he is so humble. Not to mention that he most certainly can sing despite his physical weaknesses.

    If you look closely, everytime somebody gets voted off and it's not him, he gets this look on his face and you can tell that he is so sad and that he wants nothing but the best for the other person. He's a great example and would very much deserve to be the next American Idol.
  • Elliot has the best pitch and intonation of any of the contestants!

    I am really impressed by the pitch and intonation of Elliot's voice. Especially so, given the fact that he has substantial hearing loss in one ear. The tone of his voice is very enjoyable. Does anyone really listen to how in tune he is? It is really amazing! I am so impressed and I really love his personality. He is a gentle heart. Elliot is unique, kind, and extremely talented. He sings from his heart and it shows.
  • A soulful voice with hidden survival tones. He gets to me the way the late and much pained caren carpenter did. Can't place my finger on why i'm doing the smile-cry. willow

    Eliot is a great talent and a great guy. He also could use the win since he is so modest. It would be great for him to get the support. I thought he was the most moving person on the results show this week. I knew he had a background we needed to hear. His need to rest because of health problems; including diabetes and allergies is an interesting history. Then he suffers adverse affects from the illness, thank god for that hospital next store. I think the guy has a lot of passionate singing to bring forth and quite frankly I think he is getting better looking every week! Shave down the sharks teeth a bit and we got a winner here!!
  • Elliott , by far the smoothest voice on the show I would buy his records, he always picks the right song. I\'m for you Elliott, I think you are clean cut sweet and cute to the bone baby. See you next week at our American Idol party.

    Elliott , an old soul singing from a young man\'s body. He tugs at your heartstrings and makes you want to just hug him. When he dances, it is almost like he is reving up to jump to the sky. Always consistent, always smooth, and always smiling, and taking in what the judges tell him. Life is always teaching us lessons, that is how we learn and grow. Elliott, your a winner, and my personal favorite. Make a record sweetheart, I will buy it. Stand tall Elliott you are singing with some really great talent, one of who was just voted off. Mandisa. I would have loved to hear you two do a duet. You would have had that place jumping. I think you by far have had the best song choices. Some of the contestents song choices really lack energy. You however my friend, have been right on. Elliott , by far the smoothest voice on the show.
    I would buy his records, he always picks the right song. I'm for you Elliott, I think you are clean cut sweet and cute to the bone baby.
    See you next week at our Idol Party.
  • So In Summary I think he is all around sweet guy, the only original raw talent in the Show I think he deserves to be The Next American .

    Elliott Yamin is not only an all around sweet guy,he has a wonderful raw talent that I think is being over looked by a lot of Voters .He has had to over come a lot in his life ,and To have a 95% hearing loss in one ear and still sing the way he does shows real talent . He also Was not afraid of showing his tears at meeting Stevie Wonder .He showed A very humble side of himself. I think people should remember none of these contestants are professionals yet . I think Elliott Yamin deserves to be The Next American Idol.He will have my vote every week .and those of my friends .So I hope American's Open there Eyes and votes for this sweet talented Guy.