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  • i am, and always will be, and e-train rydah.

    Elliott Yamin, originated in Richmond, VA, couldn't be any sweeter. throughout the competition i'd dial with two phones on each of his numbers. He made me care so mumch, it was crazy.

    Elliott's voice didn't need a ritual to warm up, he just sang. Looks can be decieving. Because he sang those crooner songs and made so many girls swoon. Elliott was underrated, wasn't exactly the crowd favorite, but was so sweet.

    And i must admit, it was so cute the way his mom loved him. I felt like i knew him. He was just the hometown boy, underrestimated by those who knew him as the boy with diabetes, or 'the one with bad teeth'.

    ... but he coudn't have been any more perfect. His voice, & him. especially him.