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  • She should be ashamed of her behavior. She had the nerve to cry when she didn't win a challenge, that was ridiculous. She should have some emotion and empathy for the people she was insulting and ridiculing instead of thinking she was so perfect.


    She is very self centered, not a team player, very annoying, and was unjustly cruel to Carrie. Her behavior was nothing for her to be proud of, yet she seemed to be very happy with herself. If my kids acted like that, I would be very ashamed of them. (thank goodness they don't.) I hope she looks back at the video of Hell's Kitchen and sees how abrasive she was and how wrong she was, but somehow I doubt she will see it that way. She probably thinks she did nothing wrong and every one else was against her, which we all know was not the case. He attitude was her downfall. Inability to work well with others is one of the best was to NOT get ahead in life. If she doesn't learn that now, when she is still fairly young, she is bound to have a rough road ahead.

  • Annoying as hell


    I'm not surprised to see this super bitch has the lowest person score you can get(scores should start at zero 1 is to high for her).

    I dont usually take time to write reviews but this had to be done in the hope others will follow and she will read them and take 23 to many tylenol.

    She should be completely deleted from history so as not to harm any more people and her parents imprisoned for life for bringing her into this world.

    Please never give this woman any more airtime, I'm getting tired of bleeding from my eyes and ears.