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  • This guy was great when his anger rose out of the post punk scene and boxed everyone's ears to cauliflower leaving "It Hurts So Good" ringing in them. Then he just kept getting better and better.

    Many prefer only his early period, but personally, I find his middle period to be the strongest. From Trust to his masterpiece, Imperial Bedroom, to King of America, he could do no wrong during that stretch of brilliance. The middle period is when he had truly evolved into a mature songwriter and composer and before the gleaming luster of his brilliance had dimmed just a bit in his later period. Great melodies, challenging, thoughtful and compelling musical compositions and hilarious, ingenious lyrics make his music from all periods rise a notch above other garden variety rock 'n' roll journeymen. And his last album, released some 35 or so years after his first, shows that this truly iconoclastic singer-songwriter is the real deal -- an emotive powerhouse of talent.

    Some of my friends just don't get him, and maybe he's not for all, but if he's at all your cup of wine, be sure to take a nip from every bottle in this troubador's exquisite wine cellar.