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  • Before Anyone did Anything, Elvis did Everything. (C.D case quote)

    I am an Elvis fan as are many others. He has a talent enjoyed by many. Some people don't like others because of their appearance. Elvis was over weight for a few years but that didn't get in the way of his talent but in the way of some peoples judgement. I think that no one should judge someone by appearance but by talent. The saying is "It's not on the outside, but whats on the inside that counts,".
    Just like Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, the Hawaiian singer. His nick name was the gentle giant but the people still loved him. I think many people could learn something from his fans. Elvis had a talent like no other in Rock n Roll. Just because he's understandable and sings at a reasonable volume doesn't mean he's bad. Elvis wasn't only talented volcally, but when he danced on stage. His nick name was "Swivell Hips," because he moved his hips alot when he danced. Elvis will be remembered for a long time and no cruel jeering will change the minds of his fans. I intend to play his music for my children, if I ever have any or my nephews and nieces, if I ever have any. Long Live The King!
  • Elvis is The King.

    Elvis Presley is, and always has been, my favorite musician/ actor. He was a major influence on many other great bands and artists, such as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, and many more. He was one of the earliest rock and roll musicians, and of course one of the greatest. It's a shame, however, that today's generation only regards him as "that fat guy in the jumpsuit." Elvis was much more than that, and he still lives on today through his many fans and his music. What makes Elvis such an excellent musician is that, not only did he perform rock type music, but he performed all types. He played country, gospel, rhythm and blues, and love ballads, and many other kinds. Long story short, Elvis Presley is the greatest performer to ever walk on the Earth, and nobody can compare to him.
  • Honestly, I used to hate his music... but now, It's growing on me.

    Okay. Yea. It's true... I used to shut off the radio when the dude came on, but then, I kinda just sat and listened to him... my foot started tapping, and I realised how stupid I was... granted, I don't like ALL his songs, but I do like a few. Like I said, it's growing on me... slowly... but its growing.
  • Not the king of rock and roll.

    What is the point of hearing this guy? No good voice, no good singing, no good anything. He is not talented at all and is no longer exisisting on this planet. Thank goodness too. Because i do not love to hear his songs. They are lame and not catchy. I am sixteen. Go figure.
  • Nobody tops the King!

    I hate to sound mean, but I really don't know what kind of drugs the person above was on at the time when they wrote their negative review - Elvis? Talentless? Yeah right.

    Elvis is considered "King of Rock n' Roll" and deserves all of the accolades. His voice, his style made history.

    Many of the most famous musicians in the music industry attribute him as a major influence. So where would music be today if it hadn't been for The King?