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  • Before Anyone did Anything, Elvis did Everything. (C.D case quote)

    I am an Elvis fan as are many others. He has a talent enjoyed by many. Some people don't like others because of their appearance. Elvis was over weight for a few years but that didn't get in the way of his talent but in the way of some peoples judgement. I think that no one should judge someone by appearance but by talent. The saying is "It's not on the outside, but whats on the inside that counts,".
    Just like Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, the Hawaiian singer. His nick name was the gentle giant but the people still loved him. I think many people could learn something from his fans. Elvis had a talent like no other in Rock n Roll. Just because he's understandable and sings at a reasonable volume doesn't mean he's bad. Elvis wasn't only talented volcally, but when he danced on stage. His nick name was "Swivell Hips," because he moved his hips alot when he danced. Elvis will be remembered for a long time and no cruel jeering will change the minds of his fans. I intend to play his music for my children, if I ever have any or my nephews and nieces, if I ever have any. Long Live The King!