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  • He's great on Food Network!!!!!

    Emeril Lagasse is one of the most popular people on Food Network. He has his own live show, and was crown The Iron Cheif many times! He shows such excitment while he's cooking. He was raised with cooking, and is doing well in his time. I'm just glad that he hasn't retired yet, and I hope he wont for a very long time! Emeril is on top of the Food wrold for now!!
  • One of Food Network's best.

    It is hard to put it in words for a review on Emeril. But I will do my best. First is energy, he is just jumping with it during his Live show. The audience just eats it up. Second is that the man knows how to cook! He seems to make everything seem so easy. Third he is not just a cook, he enjoys so much more, like music. I enjoy watching his 2 shows and I wish to someday get to meet him.