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Ours is the atomic bomb of work ethics," says Emerson Drive bassist Jeff Loberg, summing up both the energy and determination of this country band. It's a bold statement, but Loberg and his five bandmates have no doubt earned the right to make it. "We're survivors," he says,…more


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    • Dale Wallace: My favorite song is "I'll Die Tryin'". It is one of a very few songs that gets me every time. The hair on my arms stands up when I hear the first chorus. It's always amazing.

    • David Pichette: We have a great mix of musical tastes. We have a little bit of traditional country like Merle Haggard, and then we swing over to some Guns 'N Roses. So I would call it, maybe country rock of some sort.

    • Mike Melancon: Recording and touring is the best because we love to play. We have the best jobs!

    • Brad Manes (after being asked what it takes to be a country star): Dedication, support, and a goal!

    • Dale Wallace: You've got to hit a nerve in people. Keep it simple. There are plenty simple number ones I wish I had written.

    • Brad Manes: One of the things that drives us is our curiosity about how big this dream can get. My dad was a singer, so he sparked me to sing.

    • Mike Melancon: I love to sleep late, see a movie, check out the local mall and go to a great restaurant.

    • Patrick Bourque: I would love to be able to stop people from downloading music on the internet.

    • David Pichette: I think our songs have a great amount of influence over our audience. It's always great to see hundreds or even thousands of people singing the words to our music.

    • Brad Manes: As a singer, my job is to interpret the songs, and make people feel something when I sing them.