Emile Hirsch

Emile Hirsch


3/13/1985, Topanga, California, USA

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Emile Hirsch


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Emile is an American television and film actor born on March 13, 1985 in Topanga, California. He was raised by his mother in Los Angeles and in Santa Fe, New Mexico after his parents' divorce. He entered the entertainment world as a child actor in the mid-90s, appearing…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Up and coming!

    I think that he is an up and coming actor as well as will do well in the future as long as he choses the roles that will help him to do so. He is up for award consideration for his role in the doomed protagonist in the movie of Sean Penn's "Into the Wild" in which he lost forty pounds for the role. Plus, I think that I can't wait to see him in Speed Racer in the title role as I am a big Speed Racer fan and hopefully, he will become even more bigger. He is very talented as I expect him to do good not just in 2008 but in the not too distant future and beyond.moreless
  • talented guy, good looking.emile awsome =D

    wow. thats all thats needed to say about emile hirsch. he's very talented, hasn't done a single bad acting job yet. he was amazing in alpha dog, simply brilliant as the HNIC of the group lol (if you know what HNIC stands for, then you know why thats funny)he was PERFECT in the mudge boy, sometimes a painful movie to watch but he played he character so incredibly well. and of course in the girl next door, he was adorably cute and funny;cute movie right there. last but deffinetly not least, his acting in into the wild: AMAZING,he so deserves an oscar nominee (or an oscar win). he dropped 40 pounds and ate things like squirrel...=D impressive movie. how could i forget how adorable, cute, hot he is? he has a certain boyish charm to him and he's really down to earth. nice going emilemoreless