Emilia Fox





7/31/1974 , London, England, UK

Birth Name

Emilia Rose Elizabeth Fox




The daughter of well-known actors - Edward Fox and Joanna David - Emilia Fox walked into a leading role almost as soon as she left drama school, when she played the second Mrs. De Winter in a TV version of "Rebecca". Her mother had played the same role in the BBC's 1980 version of the story. Although films have made surprisingly little use of her (despite a fine performance in Polanski's "The Pianist"), she has been very busy in TV, having star roles in both the revived version of "Randall And Hopkirk - Deceased" and, more recently, in "Silent Witness". She married another actor, Jared Harris, the son of Richard Harris - this was an interesting concatenation of acting dynasties! Her cousins include the actors Laurence Fox and Jack Fox, her uncles include the actor James Fox and the impresario Robert Fox. We may assume that a career as a secretary or a schoolmistress was never seriously considered by her.