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  • most annoying character in "lost"

    everytime she opens her mouth in "lost", i am very close to turn of the tv. the role of "claire" should not have been played by mrs. de ravin. she doesnt deserve that. and i can clearly see why she wasn't meant to be part of the story. but a very convincing mrs de ravin created a leading, but nonetheless annoying, character for the show.
  • Due to her performances on Lost, Brick and The Hills Have Eyes, I believe Emilie De Ravin to be one of the greatest and yet underated actresses in TV and film. She is simply perfect.

    From the very season of Lost I have to say that Claire Littleton was one of my favourite characters. Emilie De Ravin plays her with such sweet simplicity that you can't help but love her. Her performances in episodes such as Homecoming, Maternity Leave, Par Avian and The Beginning of the End were captivating and stunning and yet throughout all this praise I feel that Claire Littleton is still an underappreciated character on the show. She has appeared in the least amount of episodes out of all of the original cast members, has had only three flashback episodes in comparison to Jack's nine and it was only in season 4 that she seems to be taking part in the main plot. It was good to see Claire go off with Locke's group and I can't wait for when Lost returns for Season 6 when we will finally find out what happened to her at Jacob's cabin. Here's hoping that the producers of the show will realise just how gifted and talented Emilie De Ravin is and start giving her more major roles before one of the best shows on television is over.
  • Rising star. Even though it pains me to say. In Roswell the girl you love to hate. And in Lost the the girl you really like.

    A spirited and charismatic young actress, Emilie de Ravin is currently starring on The WB's Roswell as "Tess Harding" - the mysterious fourth alien who makes the special group complete. Impressively, Emilie landed the role within one month of relocating to Los Angeles from her home in Australia. Through her acclaimed performances, Emilie de Ravin is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most promising young actors of her generation. She now plays Claire Littleton on the hit series "Lost."
  • Beautiful, talented, gorgeous. Emilie is everything.

    Emilie de Ravin is currently starring on Lost as Claire Littleton. As Claire, Emilie doesn't get to show all her talents because she is underused. But sooner or later people are gonna find out how talented Emilie is! Im certain that one day she will have her well deserved Oscar. When Emilie cries, you want to cry. When she's scared, you get scared. The way she draws people into feeling what her characters are feeling is amazing and that's why she is one of the best actresses out there. I just hope more people would know and appreciate her. And she's not only talented but she's also one of the most beautiful women on earth. How can you not love her?
  • Review

    I think this is the one character on Lost that doesnt get the flashback treatment as much as she should. Her story isnt really complete yet, so maybe we will continue to see more of her in the last three years of the show. I think she has a great presence on the show, the writers dont give her enough air-time to really become a character that we can all connect with. I liked her relationship with Charlie - I think that Lost needed some kind of a family and her role in that was a great addition to the storyline. Overall though, I dont see her as ever being able to really carry a show by herself. I think she is simply always going to be someone in the backgrund, a co-star.
  • She's pretty cool.

    Emilie de Ravin is a really cool actress in my own opinion. I think she has a lot of talent and is underrated. I didn't know her until she took on the role of Claire on LOST. She can act very well. I like watching her and Dominic Monaghan together on LOST. They're so adorable together. (But I'm glad he's with Evangeline Lily). I've also seen Emilie de Ravin in The Hills Have Eyes. I thought she did a really good job. It was a whole lot different than her character on LOST. I think Emilie de Ravin is a very talented person.
  • Talented, wonderful, gorgeous.

    She is obviously a tremendous talent as well, but there is no denying that she is one of the most heavenly people any of us have ever laid eyes on. Starring in the wonderful series LOST, Emilie brings her character 'Claire' to new heights almost every week.

    Besides her featured role in LOST, I have enjoyed her in the films 'Brick' and the remake of 'The Hills Have Eyes.' She is still very young and I have no doubt she will only continue to gain more and more notoriety as time continues. She is no doubt one of the most fabulous female actors still in her twenties, which is very hard to believe.
  • She is hot and that really adds to the show, but she is also a goo actress I'm not going to get all weird like the young guy who wrote his address in the last post.

    I think she is great on this show, and she is a good actress in addition to her looks. I have never seen her in anything else so I have nothing to compare it to, but she does a great job on Lost as Claire. She really adds soemthing to that show. I see she has been in a few other things, and hopefully will be in some stuff during the summer season, when thy are on break and also after Lost (which hopefully will be a long time from now) I hope we see more of her in commericals and movies even while Lost is still running.
  • I am 12 years old and I am Crying write now because i cant say everything to u thats in my heart I live in NJ 08054 sarahasfun is my aim Female Grade 6

    I Really love TessHarding I wanna cry casuse i cant see her and tell her what an amazing person she is god i love her and if you truellly love her to u will e-mail me at sarahhasfun@yahoo.com or aim me at sarahasfun thanx i reallly hope u love Tess from roswell (Emilie ) as much a si do Becasue I love her so much i want her to no emilie de ravin i do truly love u and i have watched every episod of u and your my herro.... fravorit color or the color of your room or enyof htat stupid stuff i love you because you have inspired me ever scence first grade when my mom brought you up she is a producer and ever scence she talked to me about you i keep asking her to make a movie and you are the head actress because i love you so much !!!!!!!! please emilie if you read this i cant say what im feelling as i tipe this to u but i can say i wish i could see you i would give you a ginormous huge and just stare at you for hours you are so beautiful your not like eny of the othor people getting supper skinning or going on dugs you are so normal and i kind of think u look like me i also have green eyes and blond hair i have allways imaginded looking just like you i have pics of u on my walls and oon my com and also on my com and bed !!!!!! I wish in a 6 years when im 18 i will be and look just like the beautiful star u are !!!
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    Emilie de Raven, who just hapens to be Australian plays a great character on Lost names Claire who was played a major part in the first season and towards the beggining of the second season. I hope that she is used more for the rest of the series rather than just holding the baby and talking to Charlie.
  • Favorite female lostie

    Emilie is my favorite female lostie. I like her way more than Kate. With Kate its always I'm so tough grrrr don't mess with me. But with Emilie she isn't such a brat like Kate and Jack. She's just there when she's needed which is perfect. I also like her becuase she's with Charlie one of my fav characters so I basicly have no choice to like her becuase she's involved one of the best characters. I've never seen her on anything else so this is all I can really say about her so that is all. ^ ^ ^
  • Talented

    Emilie de Ravin is a very very very talented, beautiful and great actress. She has played many reccuring roles in numerous hit TV shows. She has also starred in some. Everyone remembers her character in Roswell. Currently she is known as Claire from LOST. LOST is abc's hit TV series. Claire becomes pregnant and suddenly her fiance leaves her. She does not know what to do so she goes see a psychic. The psychic tells her to ride a plane (oceanic 815) to L.A. and a family will be there waiting to adopt her baby. On her way there, the plane crashes.
  • She's soo good. . .

    I really felt for her character Tess on Roswell, she was always left out and neglected from the group. Despite some bad things that came from Tess, I liked her a lot. I don't think I would have liked Tess as much if she was played by anyone other than Emelie. She has now moved on to a lead role in Lost which has become a HUGE success, I hope to see a lot more of her and I just think she's amazing and very beautiful.
  • She is a great actrees

    I just love her, she is so gorgeous, and so talented.
    Every time that I see her in Lost I just would like to hug her, I mean she was all season 1 suffering for her baby, she just needed somebody.
    I think that Emilie de Ravin deserves more importance on Lost, she is very talented, and personally I think that she is prettier that Evangeline Lilly, so the producers need to find out that... we would love see more Emilie, and also her character has so much future.
    The first time that I heard the song "You are beatiful" I thought on Emilie :(
  • Got the last laugh on all the Max/Liz shippers!

    I was really disappointed the way they screwed around the character of Tess in Roswell; I thought De Ravin was one of the show's best actors, and ran cirlces around Shiri Appleby. I feel the character got sacrified for the ship, and in a terrible way that reeked of the writers not knowing what the hell they were doing. I knew that Colin Hanks and Emilie De Ravin were leaving at the end of season two by the begining of season two, and I watched the show, looking for clues that the writers had actually planned it that way. Instead, it appears such a huge development was planned quite apruptly, and is a symptom of inconsistant writing. I was sorry such a terrific actress got sacrificed because of it - I would much rather have had Emilie then Shiri.

    Fortunately, Emilie got the last laugh on the shippers by having a starring role in the hit TV series Roswell. Not only that, but she's Australian :p
  • Emilie de Ravin is best known as Claire from Lost.

    The only thing I've ever seen her in is Lost and if you ask me she is a great actress. I love her on Lost. Claire is now a mom to little Aaron. And just recently Emilie Just got married to her boyfriend of 4 years! I think this is just the beginning of her success as an actress!
  • A great Actress

    I was shocked to see that only 2 reviews had been written about Emilie de Ravin. She is an important person on Lost and in my opinion she is also the one with the best looks.

    She was an actress on Roswell were she was great.
    But I like her even more in Lost where she playes Claire.
    There is just something about her accent that I really like.
    Also, she is perfect for the part that she plays now.

    I don't really know what else to write about her, except that I would like to see her in some more movies. She only did 2 or 3 movies. Such as The hills have eyes and Brick. But I think these were only small parts.

  • Love to hate her!

    In Rosewell, we loved to hate her, and I did with a passion. She made me furious and probably yell at the tv for some unjust things. I applaud her acting abilites and wonder where she has gone to. Apparently she is currently in the show LOST, which I've never heard of, but she definately deserves to be out there a little more!
  • In her career, Emily de Ravin has starred in several hit series including "Roswell", and most recently, "Lost", where she plays a character named Claire.

    These days, when I look at lists of "potential Emmy nominees", I always see the names of Evangeline Lilly and Yunjin Kim as actresses for "Lost". They always leave out two: Maggie Grace and Emily de Ravin. I understand why Maggie Grace is left out, not that she is a bad actress, it is just that she has not been given the opportunity to shine on "Lost". However, I do not understand why Emily de Ravin is always left out. For me, she is even the most talented of the four female stars of "Lost". This episode in which de Ravin truly shined this season is the episode "Raised by Another", where we discover a bit more about Claire's past, while on the island, Claire is having nightmares about someone hurting her unborn baby. De Ravin is absolutly amazing in this episode, and also shows an impressive performance in the episode "The Greater Good", in which Claire finally gives birth.

    Emily de Ravin also played the character of Tess on "Roswell", as a recurring character in the first season, and as a regular in season 2. The second season of "Roswell" was extremely weak, the only thing that held it together were the performances of three actors: Majandra Delfino, Brendan Fehr, and...Emily de Ravin!

    Emily de Ravin should definitly get an Emmy nomination for her performance on "Lost" this year, and I truly do not understand why her talent isn't recognized.