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  • Due to her performances on Lost, Brick and The Hills Have Eyes, I believe Emilie De Ravin to be one of the greatest and yet underated actresses in TV and film. She is simply perfect.

    From the very season of Lost I have to say that Claire Littleton was one of my favourite characters. Emilie De Ravin plays her with such sweet simplicity that you can't help but love her. Her performances in episodes such as Homecoming, Maternity Leave, Par Avian and The Beginning of the End were captivating and stunning and yet throughout all this praise I feel that Claire Littleton is still an underappreciated character on the show. She has appeared in the least amount of episodes out of all of the original cast members, has had only three flashback episodes in comparison to Jack's nine and it was only in season 4 that she seems to be taking part in the main plot. It was good to see Claire go off with Locke's group and I can't wait for when Lost returns for Season 6 when we will finally find out what happened to her at Jacob's cabin. Here's hoping that the producers of the show will realise just how gifted and talented Emilie De Ravin is and start giving her more major roles before one of the best shows on television is over.