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  • Trivia

    • In 2007 Emilie was honoured by the Australians In Film council.

    • Emilie is of French and British descent.

    • Emilie split from her husband, Josh Janowicz, in January 2007 after only 6 months of marriage. They got married on June 26, 2006 after 4 years together.

    • According to most sources, Emilie was the only surviving original regular on Lost not to get a pay boost. She was, however, not originally intended to be a regular and was not a regular when the pilot was filmed. This may explain why.

    • Emilie has stated that she thought she was the least recognized cast member of Lost because people believed that she was actually 8 months pregnant in real life.

    • Emilie is a natural light blonde.

    • Emilie's nickname is "Em."

    • Emilie won the spot of "Tess" on Roswell after only being in L.A. for one month.

    • Emilie had an obstetrician on hand for her Lost character's, Claire, labor, as she wanted it to seem as real as possible.

    • Recognitions:
      *In 2005, Maxim magazine's Hot 100 list had Emilie in the #47 spot. Emilie was also ranked #65 on Maxim's Hot 100 list of 2006.
      *In 2001, Emilie won the FHM magazine's "Sexiest Women in Sci-Fi" for her role as Tess on Roswell.

    • Emilie has stated that her favorite TV show is Friends.

    • Emilie has a Toy Poodle named Bella.

    • Emilie studied ballet since the age of 9 and at the age of 15, she was accepted into the highly selective Australian Ballet School. She performed in productions of the Australian Ballet Company as well as Danceworld 301.

    • Emilie studied acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia and the Prime Time Actors Studio in Los Angeles.

    • Emilie has two older sisters. Both are over 15 years older than she is.

    • Emilie is 5' 2" tall.

  • Quotes

    • Emilie: I want to pursue as much of a serious acting career as I can, not just a flimsy overnight career. I take it very seriously and I really want to pursue it for the rest of my life.

    • Emilie: I love well-done horror films.

    • Emilie: (About her and her fiance) We're not big wedding people so we'll see what we do.

    • (About the pros and cons of filming in Hawaii)
      Emilie: The pros are it's probably one of the most gorgeous places I've ever seen and the people are so nice. It's a very relaxed, nice atmosphere there. We're so lucky to be able to shoot there. As for the con I personally decide to travel back and forth – I don't live there and so I split my time, when I'm working I'm there and when I'm not I'm in L.A. So, the flight gets a little tedious after a while, but then again I make sure I utilize that time to either read or sleep with no cell phone. So, it's kind of nice in a weird way. The airports are the thing I hate. I hate going to the airports – especially LAX.

    • Emilie: I'm very close with my family. They're very supportive of what I do and I'm very lucky to have that. I'm very close with my mum. She's supportive. She, trusts me. She knows that I'm not going to make stupid decisions about things and I guess you have to have quite a mature attitude towards life, moving when you're sort of 18 to another country and I'm sure she was concerned but she, she trusts me. She knows that I'm smart about things.

    • (About her character in "The Hills Have Eyes")
      Emilie: My character is wielding a pickaxe and stabbing people in the face so she's not really a damsel at all, which I guess is another thing that drew me to the character. She's a very strong female character and goes through a huge change through the film. I mean she's a young woman, still sort of figuring out who she is and then she practically grows up in three days, for what she has to deal with.

    • (About "The Hills Have Eyes")
      Emilie: I was looking for something that, was different and that would challenge me in a different way, that was fun and people I was interested in working with. I wanted to travel a bit which i did, just had some time off, and then I decided to do this. There are a lot of horror movies around right now, but this to me was very different because it dealt with a lot of other subject matter as well which really interested me and from the from the first conversation I had with Alex and Gregory, the main thing for them was wanting to focus on character development and, just the acting in general in this film, so they didn't want it to be just some slasher film where you didn't care about the characters.

    • (About Josh Janowicz's proposal to her)
      Emilie: It was very romantic. Josh had planned it all - he'd even bought the ring... I am very excited, but I think the wedding will have to be impromptu because it is almost impossible to get all our families together in one place.

    • (About Lost)
      Emilie: The concept of the show, there's nothing else like it on the air.

    • (Emilie on what she was like as a teen).
      Emilie: I didn't go to normal high school, I went to full-time ballet school, so I led very regimented, disciplined years. The classes we took, like nutrition, anatomy, dance styles, choreography, music, all these wonderful things. I've taken away with me. At the time my passion was ballet, so I didn't have that normal high school experience, which I'm sure I probably wouldn't have enjoyed anyway.

    • (When questioned jokingly regarding the rumour that her baby on Lost is played by Britney Spears' child)
      Emilie: That's why she's having another one - because we need to keep replacing them! We've actually impregnated her with quadruples. No, it's not true, I have never touched her child, but that rumour is hilarious! She'd probably want a lot more money that we pay for the babies we use.

    • (When asked if she feels tense knowing her Lost character could be killed off at any moment)
      Emilie: Yeah. We chat about it and have bets on everything like that. It hasn't happened to me yet, but, you, know, we'll see! It's sad losing people you like to work with, but it's that kind of show.

    • Emilie: I'm really close with my family and they're in Australia, so I miss them a lot. It'll always be home. I grew up in Melbourne, a very cosmopolitan city, very easy to live in. But LA's great too. There are pluses and minus to moving to LA.

    • (Emilie's reply when asked if she is worried after former Lost co-star, Maggie Grace, was killed off after making a movie)
      Emilie: That anyone who does a film would die? That would be funny, wouldn't it? Well not really, but in hindsight that would be funny. All the Lost cast have films coming out, so maybe we'll all die.

    • (Emilie's thoughts on flying)
      Emilie: I've always been a good flier, thank God! If I was bad to start with I'm sure I'd be worse now, because I fly so much. The only time I really thought about that was when I was flying out to shoot the pilot of the show. I thought, 'God I'm flying out to shoot a pilot about a plane crash that was flying over water.' I thought about taking a cruise ship back!

    • (Emilie's thoughts on horror movies)
      Emilie: I like being scared. I like watching horror movies with my fiancé as opposed to being on my own. My favourite horror film as a child was Halloween. I remember that movie so clearly because, as a kid, horror movies attend to affect you more. They're scarier.

    • (Emilie on her prosthetic pregnant belly she had to wear on the first season of 'Lost.')
      Emilie: It looked very real. It's made of latex and foam and it's skin colored with a little belly button and everything. It was very hot wearing it, and I am definitely glad I won't be wearing it in the second series.

    • (Emilie on why she does so many projects at once and missing her family back home in Australia)
      Emilie: I miss my family a lot, and having the distraction of going to work every day stops me from feeling too homesick.