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  • The perfect way to for this young actor to start her career!

    This episode of Battlestar Galactica is Emilie's international television debut. Being a fan of the show, I can say there is no better vehicle for her to launch her career. As with all of her other work that I've seen, she shows courage and heart in her character "Julia" and really brings life to this heartbreaking scene between her and Starbuck. Emilie is an extremely talented actor, and also a great personal friend. She is a very generous individual who always considers others both on and off screen. Her career will continue to soar for many many years to come.

    Way to go Em!

  • Emilie Ullerup is a fresh new face.

    Emilie Ullerup may currently be an unknown star, starring in just 30 seconds of footage for Battlestar Galactica and 5 seconds for Sanctuary.
    Keep an eye on her, folks, hers will soon be a big name in television. She has a friendly personality and her attitude to her fans is ummatched by most actors and actresses.

    Soon to be starring in not one, but two shows. Two shows which could not be more different. on one hand she will be in drama, on the other hand she's a 5'5 killing machine in Sanctuary. Vampires, werewolves and rabid fanboys, she fears none of these.
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    Great in Sanctuary :)