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  • Trivia

    • Emilie enjoys science fiction but in June 2007, she said that she hadn't watched as much as she probably should. She enjoys the "universe of possibility" in sci-fi where one doesn't have to follow all the rules.

    • Emilie's first "intimate scene" took place in the first episode of the Lifetime series Blood Ties, for which she played a small role. She was nervous about not wearing much clothing for her scene but her co-star Kyle Schmid helped her to be comfortable about the filming that day.

    • In 2007, Emilie said that she would love to work on the Stargate Atlantis series, which is filmed in Vancouver, Canada. (Unfortunately, that series has since been canceled.)

    • Emilie's character on Sanctuary, Ashley Magnus, gets involved in many onscreen battles. However, Emilie had no fight or weapons training before joining the series.

    • During the callback audition for the show Sanctuary, Emilie was asked to learn and perform a fight sequence. The producers felt that one of the most important qualities for playing the character of Ashley was the ability of the actress to physically embody the character. After performing the fight sequence with the stunt coordinator a couple times, Emilie learned later on that morning that she had gotten the part.

    • Emilie graduated from the Vancouver Film School in 2005 but she is not a Canadian citizen. She was unable to work in Vancouver until 2006 when she finally received her work permit.

    • Before becoming an actress, Emilie worked at various jobs to support herself. She once worked at the Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen. Her job was to put helium into the balloons.

    • Emilie received a 2008 Leo Awards nomination in the category of "Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series" for her portrayal of Kaitlin Joyce in the series jPod.

    • Emilie's very first role was as a non-speaking Sun in a play during the second grade. After this experience, she decided to become an actress as an adult.

    • Emilie speaks four languages: English, Danish, Swedish and Vietnamese.

    • Her first television show audition was for the Sci Fi Channel series Battlestar Galactica. She ended up getting the part of Julia Brynn, the mother of Kacey Brynn.

    • Emilie would like to get an acting position on the television show Heroes. She calls it a revolutionary and amazing show.

    • Emilie is a fitness enthusiast. She likes to run and practice yoga. She also spends a lot of time working out at the gym.

    • Emilie has lived in Canada since 2003. Previously she has resided in Denmark, the U.S., Belgium and Vietnam.

    • Emilie is 5'5" tall.

    • Emilie's full name is pronounced /eh-mee-lee-uh ooh-ler-oop/.

  • Quotes

    • Emilie: Dad was a diplomat so we travelled quite a bit, going back to Denmark between every posting so that us kids would know where home was.