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  • Emily Bett Richards

    I love her on Arrow. I do not like what they are doing with the relationship of her character Felicity and Oliver. Writers need to stop do the 'Break -up' story lines because they are over done. But everything else is awesome! I love her charisma on screen. They really need to keep her on the show and keep Felicity and Oliver together
  • Love her

    A beautiful woman inside and out. I don't watch the arrow but I love her friendship with Candice Patton and any woman Candice says is a wonderful soul I believe. She seems very carefree loving and welcoming and those are wonderful traits all human beings should aspire to have. Continued success to her in everything she does
  • I Love You Emily Bett Rickards

    I Love You Emily Bett Rickards :) Greetings from turkey :)
  • Please up date

    isn't it about time we up dated

    Emily Bett Rickards

    with a picture at least?? Here's a good one...
  • Where there's

    Wherever there is Felicity Smoak, there's bound to be lots and lots of fire!!! The fans just love her! Arrow is nothing without Felicity!!!