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  • Loose 20# ??

    Emily Deschanel is pregnant with her 2nd child.
  • "THAT" Dress, that dress on Late Night w Craig Ferguson

    I know you're not like the rest of the "elite" in Hollywood, but "THAT" dress you wore the other night on Craig Ferguson. You are NOT fat, but the dress you wore look like it came from a Womens PLUS SIZE store circa 1980. Can I ask what you were thinking when you chose to wear that dress? Was it your grandmother's? Or do you Thrift Shop like me and Macklemore do, and the price just makes it even a BETTER Find? Been there, done that.
  • Her character in Bones is vian, conceited and socially inept and she could stand to lose 20 lbs.

    Her character in Bones completely turns me off. I must have missed the memo that said vain, conceited, socially inept lead characters were "in". Is it possible that the network has determined that this type of show relates directly to its viewing audience. Some of the reviews have described her as beautiful. My only comment to that is the bottom must have fallen out of the beautiful market. If she lost about 20 to 25 lbs. in the waste, hips, butt and thighs you could add her to the "semi-beautiful" list of TV stars.
  • My favourite actress of all time.

    Emily Deschanel is my favourite actress of all time, however she does not get the recgonition she deserves. I was reading a magazine a few weeks back and someone submitted a question wondering who the leading lady on the television show Bones (my favourite show) is. The reply was the LOVELY Emily Deschanel and they agreed she does not get the recgoniton or attention she deserves. Knowing about Emily and being a fan of her is kind of like knowing this really big secret. She's such a fabulous actress but it's as if so few people know of her. I can't decide if I want her to get more attention or I want to keep the secret all to myself, she's just so great. Whether you catch her in "Boogeyman", "Glory Road" or as the star of "Bones" it doesn't matter, you're going to love her.
  • Of the two or three actresses I actually love watching, Emily Deschanel is one of them. I've never been disappointed by her portrayal of any character, even when I didn't like the movie. She is talented, beautiful, and seems to be very admirable.

    In a society where Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan plaster the cover of magazines and are featured stories in the nightly news programs, I was very happy to see an actress who seems to have moral values, and stick with them. Add her incredible talent, stunning looks, and wonderful characters, and you get an amazing woman. I first saw Emily in a mini-series on television called Rose Red. Although her part was relatively small, and she didn't have a ton of screen time, I could tell she had amazing talent and potential. A while later, I saw a commercial for Bones (at least a month before it started airing) and couldn't wait to see it. I was not disappointed. She portrays Dr. Temperance Brennan with such accuracy I can hardly believe she is just a character. Although I know who Emily Deschanel is, and that she is not actually her character, when I am watching her in the show, I don't see Emily, I see Dr. Brennan. Very few people I've seen are capable of pulling that off. Emily is very talented, and needs a lot more credit than she gets.
  • fantastic..

    Emily Deschanel, key character of my new best friend BONES, is an extremely talented actor. to play the character of Tempe on Bones it a hard enough ask of any actor but Emily does it with style and attitude. she brings life to Bones together with David Borenaz heads an (to my Personal beliefs) all-star cast. Deschanel can change and mould into any character she is required, and whats more its not a cheap knock-off of a character,Emily brings the character to life making it seem the charater is indeed part of our reality. Its a shame she hasn't been given more lead roles!!
  • Emily.

    Emily Deschanel is such an amazing good actress!
    One of the main reasons why I got into Bones is because of Brennan
    I absolutly love how she plays the her
    She plays a very convincing part as Temperance Brennan. There's nobody who can do it better!

    I absolutly love her storyline I love the tension between Brennan and Booth.
    I wish they just get together already.
    I love how their so different from eachother but still make a perfect couple.
    And i love how she's best friends with Angela.
    And how she doesn't really get the normal part of life (socializing and stuff). So as long as he's on the show I'll never stop watching! xD
  • It's not just because she is so beautiful, though she undeniably is, but Emily Deschanel acts in a way that make viewers fall head over heels in love with her.

    In her role as Dr. Temperance Brennan she plays a socially awkward, highly intelligent, slightly haughty, independent, cold forensic anthropologist. She plays this role though in a way that makes her character very lovable, in spite of her social shortcomings. She manages to make her character seem believable. Brennan can be unbelievably ignorant, though the way Deschanel plays it, it seems natural even endearing. The chemistry between her and her co star Boreanaz on screen is amazing. They both should take credit for that, but I think because it doesn't come naturally for Deschanel's character to be charming or flirtatious, it's even more amazing that she keeps this chemistry so alive. Overall I think Emily Deschanel is as talented as she is beautiful and she is the main reason why I enjoy watching Bones so much.
  • Hope she will win more and more awards this year because she deserves it.

    Emily is a beautiful, smart, cool and great actress. She fits her chracter so fantastic that I can't imagine any other person to play Brennan other than her.
    The chemistry between Brennan and Booth is fantastic. They fit each other very well. And some people compared Emily and Robin Tunney (Lisbon from Mentalist). I also love mentalist and I think that Robin is also a good actress but Emily is just ahead of everyone. I hope she will get more awards especially more Emmy because she deserves it more than everyone else and I hope we can see more of her in fifth season of Bones.
  • "Brennan" is a typical genius...

    ...brilliant and with zero common, everyday sense or insight. The charm of this character, apart from the obvious fun and banter between her and "Booth", is precisely that dichotomy. And Emily Deschanel exploits both halves of her character beautifully.
    I didn't watch "Bones" for the first couple of years it was on TV, and I started just because one rainy day I had seen everything else that was on that particular time slot. I don't even recall the (rerun) episode, but it was definitely the smart story line, and the wicked interaction between the main characters that I enjoyed then and that keep me coming back.
    This is a really smart execution of an endearing character, and I can't quite understand why she is missing in the Emmy noms. line-up, especially given some of the other noms. and winners who actually GOT the nod... :o\
  • she is my favorit actress she is so great i love her as bones she acts so well as that charchter

    Emily Deschanel is great i love her in bones i think that is play smart people really well i would whach this show over and over and over again anne hathway was my fav but not any more now emily is she is great she is so great if you don't love her then you can suck it she is awesome she is cool as temperance breenan (bones)she is my favorit i love bone cuz of her she is great and she is only 32 but she looks alot young 25 she should stay on the show she so cool
  • emily Deschanel is soooooo cool i love her she is an amazing actress and she is reli pretty.=]

    .emily Deschanel is soooooo cool i love her she is an amazing actress and she is reli pretty.=]emily Deschanel is soooooo cool i love her she is an amazing actress and she is reli pretty.=]emily Deschanel is soooooo cool i love her she is an amazing actress and she is reli pretty.=]emily Deschanel is soooooo cool i love her she is an amazing actress and she is reli pretty.=]emily Deschanel is soooooo cool i love her she is an amazing actress and she is reli pretty.=]emily Deschanel is soooooo cool i love her she is an amazing actress and she is reli pretty.=]
  • Emily great and love her in Bones.

    I really started watching Bones regularly in Season 3 and I cannot get enough of it. Emily is beautiful and fantastic as Temperance. The depth of her abilities as an actor is worthy of more praise and awards. I thought she did an excellent job singing. Her presentation was infectious. In 'The Verdict in the Story' and 'Pain in the Heart' she showed so many types of emotions that were exactly right for her character. I loved the last scene in 'Verdict' with her father and booth. So good. The same applies in 'Pain.' Her emotional range in that was superb. Of course the bathtub scene is another personal favorite.
  • Amazing actress and person!

    I know Emily Deschanel from Bones, that still is the only thing I saw her in. But she plays her role in Bones as Dr. Temperance Brennan so believable and so great, that I now think that I really should see some of the other things she played in. In my eyes she is Temperance Brennan cause she just plays her character so well and she makes this character her own. And I can't ever see anyone else play that part, cause no one would do a better job at it then her. I hope to see much more of her in the future ( I will of course continue watching Bones while it airs) and can't wait to see other projects of her.

    She is a beautiful, funny, intelligent person and all that comes back in her as a actress!
  • Emily Deschanel Rocks!!

    Emily Deschanel is truly a newcomer. Although I've seen her first in "Boogeyman", I really saw her for the "first" time when Bones started around here in 2006.

    She is one of my favorite actresses. I think she is charming, smart and beautiful and for Temperance Brennan being her first big role, I think she does a superb job. I was shocked to read so many negative comments on her acting when Bones started because I never saw these flaws. Sure, as the show went on she became more secure, but I really felt she WAS Brennan from the moment she appeared on-screen. And given that it was not an easy character to play, she really made it her own.

    I hope that Bones lasts a long time and I am sure that once the show comes to an end, she will find other work in no time.
  • HER EYES...

    I started watch bones because of david boreanaz but when i saw her acting I started to like her...so i start watching and reading her interviews and now she is like one of my favorite actresses...
    she is gorgeous and funny and seems like a great person and of course she got a great sense of fashion (for me that's important...)
    I love the chemistry going on betwen david and emily... look like they know each other for years...
    I think that when bones end (like in 2018...i hope...xD) she should get another show where she is the protagonist

    (sorry the mistakes but my english id really bad)
  • she is completely awesome!!

    The first time i payed attention to her was when i started watching bones. i thought she played perfect as temperance brennan.i fell in love with her character and need to see if i saw her in anything else so began watching some other things with her in it and i liked them all. Bones though is my all time favorite i love how shes this strong smart woman and doesnt take crap from anyone. She seems like she would be a great person to talk to and very fun to be around and have a good time. she seems more real and down to earth then fake and annoying like most actresses anymore!! She is just great.
  • Ive got to say. Its plain and simple. She ROCKS! She is not afraid to be herself and has her belifs. She is funny charming and a totally goof ball. But we all love her and love to watch her on Bones.

    Emily Deschanel is one of a kind. She is smart funny and preety. She is magnificant actress and is the best in all her work. She loves to be herself and no one else. She is a total goober and I would love to work with her. She has her belifs and doesnt care if you dont like her because of them. She fights for animal rights and helps out with that by being a vegan. Also her and David Boreanaz have the best chemestry on the show Bones. I think they should star in more movies together. Who agrees with me?
  • Sharp dressed woman!

    I may have a hard time with "Bones," but I'll continue to watch, thanks to the best thing in the series and her name is Emily Deschanel. I love to watch her play dress-up. she is the best dressed woman on television. Rachael Ray comes in a close second. and her voice is very sexy. I love to hear her voice. She is the best thing to come out of this series. I'll be watching "bones" and the reason is Emily. She's not only the coolest woman on television she is also the smartest. I can't wait to see her again. One more thing:She's got a sister name Zooley. Right On!
  • An awesomely awesome actress

    She is known best for her role as Dr. Temperance Brennan on the FOX show Bones now in season 3. Bones is a show about Brennan (Deschanel) a forensic anthropologist, and Booth (David Boreanaz) an FBI agent. The two are great together. She has also been in movies like Spider-Man 2 she played a receptionist and , Glory Road a movie about one of the first college basketball teams with black players where se played the coach Haskins wife. She was also in Boogyman, and other movies. She also has a sister named Zooey Deschanel who is a actress. She is really a great actress
  • She is a great actress.

    Emily Deschanel is a great actress. She plays as Dr. Temperance Brennan in the hit drama series Bones. She is amazing at playing Temperance (Bones or Tempe). No one really reconized her until she got this role but who really cares she has to work 10 hours a day and say huge words that my mom never even heard of. What gets me through every weak is the chemistry between Booth (David) and Brennan (Emily)on Bones. She is a great actress and I hope I get to see her get a main role in lots of movies and other tv shows.
  • Emily Deschanel is excellent in her roll as Dr. Temprance 'Bones' Brennan.

    If anyone can't see this they need to go to acting school for a very long time.

    Vell done Emily Deschanel. I am amazed at how you can pull off such lines in being a totaly indiscribable personal roll as you do. How do you do it, being in the roll of a totally different personality other than your self.

    Oh yes, could you ask whom ever made the Season 1 DVD why the left out alot of the episodes. I would not like miss every thing in the first and about to take place 2nd DVD.

    Best Wishes for you and a very long and wonderous career.

    Michael Dennique
    Toronto, Canada
  • I love Dr. Temprance Brennan.

    Emily Deschanel is an awsome actress. She is great at playing Dr. Temprance Brennan. Her character is so funny. I love that she has no idea who any famous person is or any thing that has to do with tv, but she knows everything about the human body. I think that Booth and her are perfect for each other. Emily Deschanel is great in everything that she has acted in. I would go see a movie just because she was in it. I hope Bones will last for a long time because I love Bones and I love Emily Deschanel.
  • My favorite Doctor Temperance Brennan

    I know Emily mostly for her role in my favorite show Bones and I love her for that role! She is such an amazing actress and I love her character Doctor Temperance Brennan in Bones! Her character in Bones is so amazing that you just love her to death and since you love Bones you gotta love the actress Emily!

    I even rented Boogyman (which was a really awful movie) just because Emily was in it.

    Emily is just an amazing actress not to mention the fact that she is gorgeous! I love her in Bones and I think I'd go see anything else that she happens to be in, in the future!
  • I hopefully wish, she became in a raising star. Yeahhhhhh.

    A truly unbelievable person, very talented and original. before bones i haven't see her in any other Tv show. but i am glad some one find her and place her in there. She bring such a joy to watch the show because for my she is very funny, and can change to a completely different character and make it in a believable way. Very nice actress a personal recommendation.
    Good bye.
  • I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

    I love Emily Deschanel!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite person she plays is ofcourse BONES!!!!. She is soo funny when she acts as Bones. She has an awesome chemistry with booth!!!!!!!!!. They look sooo cute together oh my gosh!!!!. I also love the series Bones it is my favorite show!!! love it!!. But I seriously think Bones and Booth should get together!! that would be sooo cute!!!!. Have they made a seson 3 yet??. I really hope they do so bones and booth can get into a relationship soon!!!!!!!!!!. Why can't they just admit that they love each other i hope it happens in the 3 season!!.
  • Emily Deschanel is the star of the hit-drama Bones where she plays Anthroplogists Dr.Temperance Brennan (but her partner Booth calls her Bones for short.) Emily is an amazing actress who gives a fun side to the interesting job of an anthropoligist.

    I didn't know who Emily was until I started watching the show Bones a few weeks ago. She is awesome! She can memorize all those long terms without sounding like a lecturer. She is also beautful which makes her even better. She gives a fun side to her character's occupation. Normally when we think of anthropoligists, we think of them cooped up in a bland white lab holding a skull. Seeing her as a social-skilled limited woman who is trying to figure out what modern day terms are and everything only to be fortunate to have Booth right there next to her to help her out...you gotta love it. She and David B. (aka Special Agent Seeley Booth on Bones) make a one in a million team. They compliment eachother very well. I haven't seen her on anything else but I'm positive she did a wonderful job as that character. My personal opinion... she should win an Emmy in the near future. She really deserves one. I can't wait to see her in future episodes. I really hope I can meet her one day.
  • Love her!!

    Emily Deschanel is not only pretty but she is a GREAT actress. She has a lot of talent.
    I love her Bones. It's one of my favorite shows and she does a great job playing Dr. Temperance Brennan aka "Bones". Her characteris high larious and only Emily could pull it off! She is so great on that show. Loving the second season, by the way :)
    She's also very pretty. She's got gorgeous skin and I LOVE her hair. Everything about Emily is totally cool too. I absolutely love Bones and she and Booth (DAvid Boreanaz) have THE best chemistry on that show!
    Great actress!
  • Such a crack up!

    I absolutely love Emily on Bones. I mean, even though she may not come up with everything she says, the way she delivers is the funniest thing you'll ever see. And the way the chemistry is played between her and Booth is just terrific. I am a fan of hers, although, I do hope that the season [Bones] will change her and mould her a bit more into a human, like the rest of us :P But her smarts and her wit are one of a kind.
  • I love Emily deschanel as dr. brennan... I think she's really doing a good job playing the character. I sympathize with brennan, admire her intelligence & knack for truth & laugh out loud of her naiveness...

    I finished all of season1 sitting infront of the tv all day last school break. And I must say that I just love the characters of this show. It's refreshing. The forensic part is ofcourse not new but the acting, the amazing chemistry, the witty & not to mention very funny dialogues make it very unique and loveable. I love emily deschanel as dr. brennan... I think she's really doing a great job playing the character. I sympathize with brennan, admire her intelligence & knack for truth & laugh out loud of her naiveness... and yes, bones & booth should ofcourse get together. for the writer of bones, please please keep writing...
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