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  • My favourite actress of all time.

    Emily Deschanel is my favourite actress of all time, however she does not get the recgonition she deserves. I was reading a magazine a few weeks back and someone submitted a question wondering who the leading lady on the television show Bones (my favourite show) is. The reply was the LOVELY Emily Deschanel and they agreed she does not get the recgoniton or attention she deserves. Knowing about Emily and being a fan of her is kind of like knowing this really big secret. She's such a fabulous actress but it's as if so few people know of her. I can't decide if I want her to get more attention or I want to keep the secret all to myself, she's just so great. Whether you catch her in "Boogeyman", "Glory Road" or as the star of "Bones" it doesn't matter, you're going to love her.