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    • Emily: (on The Walking Dead) There are so many ways to approach a role. The great thing was being able to observe and learn. I became a lot better actor because of it. I not only spent a lot of time on the set working, but also getting to observe some of best people working.

    • Emily: One of the biggest things that I've been taught is that [a character is] always fighting for something. You're not just sad; you're fighting not to be sad. That doesn't mean it's over the top. Just in small ways, you're always trying to fight for something.

    • Emily: I just think the best jokes, and the best plays and the best songs are the ones where you think to yourself, "Wow that's soo funny because it's true, or that character is just soo much like my mom, boyfriend, etc……" I write and perform and sing not only to express myself, but to connect with other people and their experiences and I just think the only way to do that is to be as honest as possible in your work. Plus, in real life you don't always get to say how you feel, you don't get always get to have that moment where you freak out or explore another side of yourself. Finally, i get to do that a bit in my work.

    • Emily: (on writing her music) Acting is so much about waiting...waiting for an audition, waiting for the right part to come along. It's nice to write your own thing, write about what you're feeling and then go out and perform them. It's a nice thing to have and not get bored.