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    • Emily: I'd love to do comedy. And I think I have pretty good sense of comic timing, so I'd really like to try that.

    • (Emily speaks more about Ginger Snaps)
      Emily: I was able to connect with Brigitte because when I was a teenager I saw the process of becoming a sexually mature adult as monstrous. I now understand that it is constructed as monstrous by society (e.g. all the products we have for controlling our natural bodies), and that is the beast that attacks every girl when she becomes sexualized by our culture. The hardest thing about playing Brigitte was trying to keep the smile out of my eyes. I was having so much fun!

    • Emily: I think I would most like to be Uma Thurman in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. That character was just so cool.

    • (Emily talks about her role in Ginger Snaps)
      Emily:I'm much happier than Brigitte. But I am pretty introverted, like Brigitte is. That part comes naturally to me.

    • Emily:Unfortunately, after seeing Ginger Snaps, people don't think of me that way, they just think of me as Brigitte. I'm not like her at all...it's just a character I played.

    • Emily: I had a crush on Jonathan Brandis. I think it was partly a test tube thing, but I thought he was pretty cute. He became, like, a teen heart throb after that, I think.