Emily Saliers

Emily Saliers


7/22/1963, New Haven, Connecticut

Birth Name

Emily Ann Saliers


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Emily Saliers was born in New Haven, Connecticut, but soon moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Emily met her singing partner, Amy Ray, when they were both students of Laurel Ridge Elementary School. After graduating from Shamrock High School, where she performed with Amy, she enrolled as a student at…more


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    • Emily: (About "Least Complicated") I was thinking about my little boyfriend in sixth grade, Danny. chuckles He was so cute, and I went to Woolworth's and I bought him a ring with my allowance. And, uh, as soon as I gave it to him, I knew it wasn't the cool thing to do. And that was just the beginning of the rest of my life!

    • Emily: You have to laugh at yourself, because you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't.

    • Emily: I always find songs difficult to write. They're all emotional and during the writing process for me I go around feeling like an open wound trying to bring things to the surface. The songs that most come to mind for me personally are "Deconstruction" and "Our Deliverance." We've been playing "Our Deliverance" live a lot and wanting peace and bringing everyone closer together. And without taking up the whole page to articulate it, that song is very poignant to me.

    • Emily: (Before performing her song "Virginia Woolf") We're gonna do a song I wrote for Virginia Woolf. I wrote papers about her in college, but I didn't know what I was talking about. laughs

    • Emily: (After being asked if she wants to be known for activism or music) It doesn't matter to me how we are known as long as we can do the work that we want to do, but it has changed people's perceptions of us, I think. Not many musicians in the USA are politically or socially active, but it is just part of who we are. Our music and activist work are married. We've used our music and shows to provide education and information and if people are interested in it and want to take part, that's great.