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  • Emily's middle name

    Emily's middle name is Irene, I've found it in many sources to be Irene. Hope this helps :)

    I LOVE REVENGE!!! I always watching this tv series, but in Indonesia we have to used TV Cable for get your series to watch. And have to pay everymonth.

    So, please keep continue your amazing work on REVENGE, cause I'm dying to watched every episido :-).

    I LOVE EMILY!!! I LOVE AIDEN!!! I LOVE NOLAN!!!! I LOVE DANIEL!!! I LOVE JACK!! EVEN THE EVIL VICTORIA :-) I think you have the best casts of TV Series

    Please, please, please, please, please.... I'll be waiting your next episode here in Indonesia.

    Love your team work n brilliant idea of this story


  • Sooooo beautiful

    I love Emily: she is lovely,smart & she is my favorite actor you bless
  • A Lovely and Talented Young Woman

    Emily VanCamp is one of TV's rising stars, with her brilliant spin as the devious yet relatable Anti-Heroin of Revenge "Emily Thorne," yet not long before that she played the sweet natured "Rebecca Harper" on Brothers and Sisters, an almost polar opposite of her current vengful role, making her quite a versital Actress as well. Along with her role of "Amy," the main object of desire of the younger protagonist on the Drama Everwood, and her soon to be Turn as Action Heroin in the Next Captain America film, it's clear she'll be on the radar for quite a while.
  • good actress

    I like emily but can't understand her when she speaks does not articulate well love the show some of the actors do not speak clearly.
  • she is the reason i watched brothers and sisters and everwood. and she is just amazing and really good at acting.

    i started to love her when i first saw her on brothers and sisters, she was one of the reasons i still watched it. and since i loved family dramas and EMILY, i looked at her profile on imdb and also at Brothers and Sisters' profile on imdb too, i saw that she played everwood and that everwood is recommended on bros and sis' page so i clicked on the link and i saw there that it was a great story and EMILY had a great role, not just a recurring role or just a guest star in a few episodes, so i started to watch it and since then, i loved her so much more until i drew a picture of her. i know my drawing is not that good, but it looks like her, at least a little. :)
  • soooooooooooo pretty

    Emily is by far one of the prettiest women currently on TV. She's up there with Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and the women of Lost. She is 90% of the reason I watch Everwood.
    yum yum gimme some!
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