10/17/1972 , Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Birth Name

Marshall Bruce Mathers III




Eminem, or Marshall Mathers, is a controversial rapper, who was signed onto a label by Dr. Dre. Eminem broke all the stereotypes that white people can't rap. His records have been successful and has won him four Grammys. This includes 'Album of the Year'. He continues to anger many organizations who say his lyrics encourage violence towards women, rape, homophobia, and drug use. Eminem was later on granted his own record label by Dr.Dre, called "Shady Records", because of the great sucess of his debut album and his sophomore album. The label was created in 2000. Eminem was married to Kimberly Mathers, in 1999, who he has angrily written lyrics about. Their divorce was finalized in 2001. They had one child together named Hailie Jade Scott. He gained custody of his daughter. He has dedicated numerous songs to her and she is mentioned in many. Nathan Mathers is his younger brother who Eminem is the legal guardian for. Eminem has also adopted Alaina Mathers, the daughter of Kimberly's twin sister. Kimberly and Eminem are currently (2005) back together and may marry again.
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