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  • Who would have thought?

    Who would have thought a detroit rapper had the ability to act.He sure did show his talent off in the box office hit "8 Mile". A movie based on his life. I wonder if he would keep on making movies or just sticking to music. Not only can the michigan white boy act he can rap. A lyrical genius.
  • He is the best and he is so fine!!!!!!!!!!

    In my opinion he is a great actor and an even better rapper. He has taken alot of crap from people because of his raps but you have to admit he is the best out there. And so far all he has done have been to express how he feels about things.I love everything about this performer.
  • Just my opinion

    In this review I'll be giving Eminem one good comment. He used to be good. Now he's just annoying. There are very few good rappers out there. He WAS one of them. I don't know what happened. I just feel that too much hate seethes inside him. I hate rap. Rap is in most of the word "crap" for a reason. Thumbs down to the rapidly declining talent of Martial "Eminem" Mathers and to the growing undeserved popularity of his music. Sorry to the Eminem fans.
  • He is awsome!!! Who Dissagrees?

    He is a Great Artist that expresses himself in what most people would call a unique way:rap.
    There aren't alot of white rappers out there,some wannabees,and some better than others.But None come close to EmineM.He started out on the streets, poor,then started to rap.By the name of Rabbit, he,well I'll let you find out yourself in his feature film,8-Mile,Where you find out where Eminem got his start.Sure a few curses and swear words (okay,alot!),but what do you expect out of rap?Emmy takes his feelings-anger ect,-puts them together,rhymes them,and makes what you and me call a rap song.And we enjoy it,and he gets paid for it.Everybody wins.Whether hes Going by names like Eminem,Slim Shady,Em,Emmy,Marshall Mathers(his birth name),or many others,you will love his work.
  • He's kinda losing touch now, but he's still okay I guess

    Eminem is probably one of my fave bands. He's a great rapper and sooo adorable. But I guess he's getting old or something, but he's losing his touch. He has a lot of songs I like and he's really really great at it. In the beginning, he was soooo not great, but now he is.
  • hes great and good looking!!!!

    i love love love love love eminem!!! he is so cute wait he is more than cute!!!!!! i love his work how he express his thoughts and feelings bout things! some of the things he say i can relate bout his mom and bout others tooo!!! eminem is very talented he is one of the greatest mc's around same goes for dr dre!!!
  • ThE bEsT tHiNg ThInG tHaT hAs To MuSiC!! Eminem can rap, act and look gorgeous at the same time. Eminem's movie was great and his music is great too. Eminem is my favorite rapper/artist/actor/celebrity!

    Eminem is the best artist ever. He is the best thing that has every happened to music. His music is great and to top it all off he is gorgeous. Eminem has meanings to his songs and his music is real. Through his songs u no that he really loves his daughters and is a great father to them!! Eminem is also gorgeous.

    I lOvE eMiNeM!!!!!!!!
  • Eminem is one of the greatest rappers ever. He has sold more than 12 million copys of his albums "The slim shady LP" and the Marthall Mathers LP"

    Eminem, also known as "The real Slim Shady" or "Marshall Matters" as is his given name, made it to the top of the HipHop scene when releasing his second album, "The real Slim Shady EP" in 1998. Today, Eminem is one of the most requested musicians, he has sold more than 12 million copys of his albums "The Slim Shady LP" and "The Marshall Mathers LP". During the Rap Olympics 1997 in Los Angeles, where he won second place in the freestyle competition, he gave a few people from Interscope Records his demo. He made his major radio debut on the world famous "Wake Up Show" with Sway and Tech.
  • I love his work, I love his style, I love everything about him.

    Eminem continues to be one of my favorite rappers. He has thrown controversy all over the world and attacked alot of celebs like Will Smith, Bush, and Christopher Reeves. Track by track, everything in them were original.

    It's so sad to see that he is making a departure from the music indusdtry. But still I will remember him until I die, and he will remember the fans that supported him throughout his career as a solo artist (I hope).

    My favorite songs from him are:
    -My Name is
    -I Just Don't Give a F***
    -Guilty Conscience
    -Kill You
    -The Way I Am
    -Real Slim Shady
    -Without Me
    -Sing For the Moment
    -Lose Yourself
    -Cleaning Out My Closet
    -White America
    -Like Toy Soldiers
    -Ass Like That
    -Just Lose It
    -Evil Deeds
    -Spend Some Time
    -Never Enough
    -Rain Man
  • Eminem

    He is my second favourite rapper next to 50 Cent. His rap songs are cool and catchy. A lot of people dislike Eminem but I don't know why. I don't hate him though he is a cool rapper unlike those overrated rappers like John Cena. Eminem and 50 Cent can rap the best.
  • he is the man

    wow eminem brought a whole new meening 2 hip hop / rap
    his style of music is so contoversal but yet so many ppl luv him he dosent care wot ppl think of him
    all of his songs tell the truth about his lfe he is amazing its a shame he\'s going
  • Eminem is the worst rap person.

    And Eminem is the definition of crap. If you where to look up crap in the dictionary, you might find Eminem's face. White can't rap, and they never will be able too. I just can not stand Eminem, and want to slap him hard. He should be shamed of himself for his hate.
  • eminem is real and sexy.

    OMG! if i had the chance to meet eminem i would seriously just jump all over him. not only is he georgous he can rap to. he may have had his times and all that. but at least he aintfake like a lot of these other reppers. he keeps it real and he keeps his work to things that happens now. hes sexy and talented....what more could someone want? Kim sure is one lucky female.
  • My favourite rapper

    First, I read that Marshall was born in 1974, not in 1972, as was written here. He is younger than u think.
    His life was very hard and he had no friends. Only one man understood him well, that was his mother\'s brother, Ronny. Ronny has committed suicide. Don\'t u think that it\'s too hard for a young Em? I love his songs because of their force. Even in difficult situations he tried to be a Man. Do u remember his \"heilie\'s song\"? Sad rap... to his lovely daughter, Heilie. I really never understood Kim! How could she leave Eminem?? and the most interesting question: WHY did she do that? No answer...
    Hey, somebody wrote that Em\'s talentless... well, I don\'t think so. But I have to say, that most of my friends think that his voice isn\'t for rap. Hehe, I know why they think so! \'Cause they\'re not his fans.

  • Marshall Mathers a.k.a Eminem is a well known rapper. He was signed onto a label by Dr.Dre. He has two daughters and is currently divorced.

    Marshall Mathers also known as Eminem is my all-time favorite rapper, He is so talented! I've never seen a rapper like him and he is very original. Not to mention HOT!!!! I also heard he is a great father to his two daughters. I love his music and songs. Especially My Name is, Mocking Bird, We As Americans, Just Lose It, Ass Like that, Shake That, and When I'm Gone. He should have his own show because he's really funny. And I really enjoyed his movie 8 mile. It made me cry at times and he's also a talented actor. The movie was amazing. I could watch it 24/7.
  • eminem is a white rapper that why some people don't like him but i like how he rapper he is a grest rapper.noknow can rap like him so good.he is i bestest rapper alive today.he rap about lots of people sometimes he raps about himself.but i like it too..

    eminem is my faver rapper a live today . he is one good rapper . I think he is the best rapper ever . I got almost all he cd he ever did . he is cool because he can make up a rap in two sen. he can rap about every one a live to day .
  • he awesome rapper.

    emine is a really good rapper, most people dont like him cuases hes white and he rapps but i dont care what those people think. Hes really good and he sings about stuff you can realte to, he my faviorta music artist rapper, and singer. Im not obessed but im a huge fani know alot of things about him to. Ihave like all his cd's and my room is covered with his posters. Well hes really good and most people take his song and get offened, if you offened dont listen it that simple when he rapps he just it rapping nothing more nothing less. Like listen to stan he says hes only joking about this stuff. But anyways eminem a really good rapper and i think that his music will still be aroulnd for a very long time even thought he retired!!!!!1
  • I love him!

    Eminem (whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III) is a spectacular artist... not to mention a very handsome man. He and his music is disliked by many, but not me. I think his music, songs, and albums contain great lyrics that actually has a meaning to it (unliked most other rap music.) He went through a rough childhood with his mother on drugs and his father leaving him and his mom. He struggled with his wife (currently ex-wife) Kim and his daughter Hailie, but then he got discovered and became a superstar. I absolutely adore this man and his music!
  • a geat rapper he should have more music

    i love this guys songs he is a underated raper i love slim shady i love eminem what sucks is that this guy is retiring im sad of that who will take over this guy i just dont want him to retire please dont retire eminem so i give this rapper a 10.0 out of 10.0
  • he is sexy

    in his movie "8-mile" was really good and i can't get a enough of it.basically that's how his life started out but i think he should stick to rapping,

    he is so hott and he is a great rapper.he loves his daughter with a passion he talks bout her in every song.he is a good father.

    eminem is one of my favorite male singer! he's voice was cool and i like it! i also like his music videos when he sings...actually i wanted to see him in person but i can't..i lived in philippines and its so far to reach where he lived..i could wish he would come to philippines where i live.
  • Eminem is my favorite rapper.

    Eminem is the greatest white rapper in my opinion. What he went through was amazing and if you don't believe me check out the movie 8 mile which tells all on Marshall Mathers. Anyways ever since I was a kid I have listened to him and found him funny and honestly truthful on what he felt. Whether it was about his past or jackasses in the Celebrity World Eminem tells it to the truth. I have many favorite songs. "The Real Slim Shady", "My Name Is" "Lose Yourself" and many more. Whether you hate him or like him you have to respect him not only as a rapper but as a human being because he is a good person and has changed white rapping forever.
  • My all time favourite artist, YES in the RAP category, believe it or not!

    Eminem is a rapper who raps about everything from his life to his enemies and this is why I love him. I hate Eminem's personalitly because he is rasist and rude but I love his music. You either hate Eminem or love him and I have to say that I love him. Eminem's raps actually have a tune and arn't just a whole lot of words said quickly. Eminem was finally getting things back together with his family but then it stuffed up again... I hope that he releases a new album in the next year or so. Eminem has so many hit songs which makes him a legend and my all time favourtie.
  • I lied - he is not my favorite... he sucks, sorry fans :((

    oh, he is not the greatest one, not rebel, not orginal, not talanted, he is nothing...
    he is not even handsome. he is just one guy, who thinks he is the better one. well, I haven't any problems with his fans, but I think he really sucks.
    :( :( :( :( :( :( ... ... ...
    I would like to smack his f*****g ass and kill him. "Smack that" Ha, ha hahahahahhaha >:D
    okay, that was my thinks. Good by :) NOT, really NOT eminem's fan :D :D :D
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  • Eminem is also my favorite rapper.

    Eminem is the greatest white rapper today. Eminem is funny with his most of his songs. It was funny when he dissed Michael Jackson on a song called Just Lose It. The video and the song was funny. Eminem has a lot of albums entitled Eminem Indefinite, The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, 8 mile soundtrack, Encore, Curtain Call, and the Re-Up. He also have a group called D-12. They also have an album called D-12 World. And the Re-Up has everybody. Eminem rules. I like all his songs. I hope Eminem makes more albums. Eminem is the best white rapper ever.
  • I didn't think Eminem would be on this site but he is and I found him and he is definatly an all time great.

    For someone who hasn't been in music for fifty years and do the things he did and accomplish what every rapper wants to accomplish and coming from a different rap background, is great and thats why he is one of the all time greats. Eminem is the only rapper who reminds me of Tupac another all time great and to be compared to that man is great honors and Eminem surely deserves that. I listen to Eminem because he is real with what he brings to his music no make up stuff, no stuff that don't make sense to the listeners. Eminem just pours his heart out in every song he makes and thats what I look for in any artist.
  • I'll keep dis short & sweet. Eminem (or Mr. Shady) is my f***ing idol. Nuff said...

    As mentioned in my summary, Eminem (or as I like to call him: Mr. Shady) is my idol. He is my favorite musician. Da reason it's him & not one of da millions of black rappers to choose from is not dat I'm a white supremasist. It's da songs, da musical beet, da fun in just thinking "he's so right". I remember when I first started listening to Mr. Shady. I thought he was black. My friend Mike laughed at me for months & told everyone. Buy his King Mathers album when or if it comes out. Or else...Mr. Shady will someday rise up to be da greatest rapper alive! FIN
  • The REAL Slim Shady!

    Eminem is the real slim shady! I didn't really care for Eninem up till now! My favorite songs by Enimem are "My Band", "Just Lost It", "@$$ like that",and of course, "The Real Slim Shady"! I know the words by heart now in "Just Lose It". And his videos and lyrics are so funny. Dr. Dre dead. He's locked in my basement"! LOL! And the time he ran butt naked in a video. He's very crazy! Yeah, he gets into trouble a lot, but he's a good fellow. We also have something in common too! We both like Crank Yankers and making people laugh!
  • He is great you know :D

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  • perfect

    Not a lot of people I know like rap (sometimes when I mention it, someone makes a stupid joke, like "Rap? They should put a C in front of it"). But a lot of my friends who like rap really like Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem. I started listening to him recently and my word, he is great. I've listened to so many of his songs, and they are all memorable in their own way; I have yet to heard a 'bad' song, and I've listened to, amongst others: Puke, Like Toy Soldiers, Lose Yourself, Not Afraid, Superman, Kim, Kill You, Business, White America, etc. He's awesomely talented and definitely deserves the recognition he gets. He also is a great actor, as seen in the drama 8 Mile. So, if you haven't checked Eminem out, either his music or his acting, I think you should, especially if you like this kind of music (which I know, there are some who don't). Great guy and I hope he works more on acting and making music.