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  • My favourite rapper

    First, I read that Marshall was born in 1974, not in 1972, as was written here. He is younger than u think.
    His life was very hard and he had no friends. Only one man understood him well, that was his mother\'s brother, Ronny. Ronny has committed suicide. Don\'t u think that it\'s too hard for a young Em? I love his songs because of their force. Even in difficult situations he tried to be a Man. Do u remember his \"heilie\'s song\"? Sad rap... to his lovely daughter, Heilie. I really never understood Kim! How could she leave Eminem?? and the most interesting question: WHY did she do that? No answer...
    Hey, somebody wrote that Em\'s talentless... well, I don\'t think so. But I have to say, that most of my friends think that his voice isn\'t for rap. Hehe, I know why they think so! \'Cause they\'re not his fans.