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  • He is awsome!!! Who Dissagrees?

    He is a Great Artist that expresses himself in what most people would call a unique way:rap.
    There aren't alot of white rappers out there,some wannabees,and some better than others.But None come close to EmineM.He started out on the streets, poor,then started to rap.By the name of Rabbit, he,well I'll let you find out yourself in his feature film,8-Mile,Where you find out where Eminem got his start.Sure a few curses and swear words (okay,alot!),but what do you expect out of rap?Emmy takes his feelings-anger ect,-puts them together,rhymes them,and makes what you and me call a rap song.And we enjoy it,and he gets paid for it.Everybody wins.Whether hes Going by names like Eminem,Slim Shady,Em,Emmy,Marshall Mathers(his birth name),or many others,you will love his work.