Eminem Fan Reviews (30)

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  • I love his work, I love his style, I love everything about him.

    Eminem continues to be one of my favorite rappers. He has thrown controversy all over the world and attacked alot of celebs like Will Smith, Bush, and Christopher Reeves. Track by track, everything in them were original.

    It's so sad to see that he is making a departure from the music indusdtry. But still I will remember him until I die, and he will remember the fans that supported him throughout his career as a solo artist (I hope).

    My favorite songs from him are:
    -My Name is
    -I Just Don't Give a F***
    -Guilty Conscience
    -Kill You
    -The Way I Am
    -Real Slim Shady
    -Without Me
    -Sing For the Moment
    -Lose Yourself
    -Cleaning Out My Closet
    -White America
    -Like Toy Soldiers
    -Ass Like That
    -Just Lose It
    -Evil Deeds
    -Spend Some Time
    -Never Enough
    -Rain Man