Eminem Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Eminem's Tattoos:

      1) Eminem has a tattoo on his right upper arm that is a portrait of Hailie. Under it, it reads: "Bonnie and Clyde."

      2) He has a tattoo on his right lower arm that says Hailie Jade.

      3) On his wrist, he has a tribal sign tattoo.

      4) On his stomach, he has a tattoo that says Rot In Pieces.

      5) On his upper left arm, there is a tattoo in memory of his Uncle Ronnie who committed suicide in 1991.

      6)He also has a tattoo on both of his arms that say D on one and 12 on the other.They stand for the rap group, D-12 or Dirty Dozen.

      7) There is also a tattoo on the bottom of his right wrist that says, "Slit Me."