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Emma Cornell

Emma Cornell

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Emma Cornell


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Emma Cornell is a personal trainer from New South Wales. Emma is the eldest of seven children, and describes herself as the black sheep of her family. Emma also describes herself as daring, stubborn and vivacious. Emma is a former Adelaide-based model and was winner of the South…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Emma's Big Brother housemate and series winner, Aleisha, moved in to Emma's apartment, making them housemates once more.

    • In January 2008 it was reported that Emma and her long-time partner Tim had broken up. The couple had been together for 18 months.

    • As at July 2007, Emma resides in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

    • Emma appeared on the final episode of Big Brother Uplate for 2007 with fellow housemate Bodie.

    • Emma has an English-born boyfriend, Tim Stanton, who is also a personal trainer. As at April 2007, they live together in Sydney.

    • Emma's father's death was only mentioned briefly during her eviction. She stated that she did not wish to talk about it. After two weeks of doing public appearances for Big Brother she cancelled all future appearances.

    • In June 2007, Emma signed a modelling contract to pose for Zoo magazine.

    • After being evicted from the Big Brother house, Emma revealed she would keep in contact with Aleisha, Demet, Joel and Billy.

    • Emma considers Richard Branson to be a good role model.

    • Emma was evicted from Big Brother with 76% of the vote on June 10, 2007, on a double eviction where fellow housemate Rebecca was also evicted.

    • On May 30 2007, Big Brother producers revealed Emma would be informed of her father's death well before she was allowed on the eviction stage.

    • During a live cross to the housemates in a nomination show, an audience member held up a sign reading 'Emma, your dad is dead', in an effort to inform Emma of her loss. Big Brother security removed the man and his daughter from the crowd.

    • Emma got into modelling after she won a competition at the Royal Adelaide Show when she was 14. She won a course at a modelling agency.

    • Emma has one dog - a Chihuahua Maltese called Chi Chi.

    • While Emma was in the Big Brother house, her estranged father passed away from cancer. His dying wish was that Emma not be told of his death until after she left the house.

    • Emma appears on Ralph magazine's set of playing cards, representing the King of diamonds.

    • Emma has worked as a promotional girl for the Clipsal 500, a motor-race held annually.

    • While Emma was signed with the Xtreem Modelling Agency, she performed on the catwalk and was named the face of 'Adelaide Fashion Week'.

    • Emma claims she identifies with Bond Girls because they're "elegant, classy, action girls".

    • Emma's mother is a nurse.

    • Emma's least favorite body part are her toes, dubbing them "goblin toes".

    • Among Emma's favorite things are long showers.

    • Emma claimed she hadn't spoken to her father for about six years (prior to Big Brother), except for sending him a message before she went into the Big Brother house. Her father passed away while she was in the house.

    • Emma claims she has no phobias.

    • Emma has posed for Ralph magazine on several occasions, and appeared in a bikini on the back of a deck of cards in 2005.

    • Emma won the first 'Friday Night Games' in the 2007 season of Big Brother. As a result, she removed herself from being nominated and selected Jamie to take her place.

    • Emma believes she is most like former housemate, Camilla Severi, because she "seemed like a real person". Camilla was in the sixth series of Big Brother in 2006.

    • Emma enjoys playing practical jokes on people, and describes herself as having a spontaneous personality.

    • Emma's hobbies include rock-climbing, snowboarding and bungee jumping.

    • Six months prior to entering the 2007 Big Brother house, Emma underwent breast enlargement surgery.

    • Emma has six younger siblings, and labels herself as the black sheep of the family.

    • Emma's occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house in 2007 was as a personal trainer.

    • As at April 2007, Emma resides in New South Wales, Australia.

  • Quotes

    • Emma: (asked if she has any regrets from her "Big Brother" experience) I can't regret what happened and what has been aired. It's interesting though – the majority of people who come up and congratulate me tell me that they got to know me through watching the Live Stream, not the Daily Show. But arghh, I don't want to be one of those people who complains about editing! But even watching now, I see things and I just think, well… things can be mistaken due to what they show. A few times Billy has looked like this Bad Boy over his and Aleisha's relationship and he has always been so honest with her. He has said from the very beginning that, "It is what it is in here." In return, she gives him 100% assurance that that's cool. If she's hiding how she really feels then that's one thing, but they're both really open with each other about the reality of it all.

    • Emma: (on who she wants to win the seventh season of "Big Brother") Still want Aleisha (Cowcher) to win. I've always said it's about time a girl wins again and I really believe that. But I also know that on a personal level, Aleisha is one of the most deserved people. I've gotten to know her family and they're lovely too. Everyone can relate to her – she's like the girl next door. But I'd be happy if any of the remaining guys took it out. They're all champions – really nice people. Including Zach – I really wish I had met him in there!

    • Emma: (asked if she thinks she'll keep in touch with all the HMs from "Big Brother") Aleisha (Cowcher), Billy (Chris Bentley) - absolutely. Joel (Scalzi), because we're both from South Australia, so we'll probably catch up when we're in each other's state. [Emma now lives in Sydney]. Travis (Perkins), I am not so sure – I think he will just go back to his family life. He has always said that too – it's nothing personal. I will continue to stay in touch with Bodie, Demet and Laura – she's just nuts! [Laughs]. I really liked Andrew too. He chilled out a bit when Hayley left, which was understandable - it would be weird being there with your girlfriend, it's a lot more pressure.

    • Emma: (after leaving the "Big Brother" series) I wear a hat everywhere! Everybody recognises you and people will come up and say hi. It's a bit strange. They'll be like, "You don't know me, but I know you.

    • Emma: (on her boobs) That's ok, I was part of the itty bitty titty committee for years.

    • Emma: (on the white gruel they were forced to eat in "Big Brother") My mouth tastes like poo.

    • Emma: (on the HMs she has caught up with since being evicted from "Big Brother") I speak to Bodie, Demet and Laura – she cracks me up! She's a bit batty, but in a good way. I've definitely been chatting with her and also with Aleisha's Mum and sisters regularly.

    • Emma: (asked if anything has surprised her from her "Big Brother" experience) How much I've been portrayed as a bitch! [Laughs]

    • Emma: (on the White Room) Where's the f***ing red button in here?

    • Emma: (asked if she saw herself as a leader in the "Big Brother" house) No. We did a psych test and I wouldn't have picked leader. I would have picked follower, I think was the other option, because I didn't consider myself to be one going in. I think I've misjudged it. I didn't think I was dominating, I just think I enjoyed cooking and cleaning, things like that. I don't think I controlled anyone. I was just myself.

    • Emma: (asked who she thinks was playing the game in "Big Brother") Jamie (MacDonald). He wants to be an actor and I think that comes out a bit.

    • Emma: (on who she'd like to win the 7th season of "Big Brother") Who I'd like to see win is Aleisha (Cowcher), she's lovely and giggly and I think she deserves it. I'd love to see a girl take it out this year.

    • Emma: (asked if it was awkward being evicted on the same night as Rebecca Dent) No. Not at all. We didn't get along, we didn't mesh, that was obvious, but she's harmless and I have nothing bad to say, or grudges against her, it's just one of those things. You're in a confined area, you can't get away from each other, things are worse than they actually are. Things annoy you that wouldn't annoy you on the outside, and you just wake up and can't get away from it, but I don't have anything bad to say about her. Two different people. Two different outlooks on life.

    • Emma: (asked if she was upset to be evicted from "Big Brother") No. I was definitely ready to go and ready to see everyone and see my boyfriend. I just went in for an experience and I definitely got that and I think towards the last one or two weeks I was just over it and ready to do other things.

    • Emma: (asked why she decided to audition for "Big Brother") Just for something different, something out of the norm, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    • Emma: (on the low point of her "Big Brother" experience) Missing people. The diet was not very good. Everything was not fresh.

    • Emma: (on the high point of her "Big Brother" experience) Friday Night Live. Winning that the first week was really cool. Meeting Aleisha – she's amazing.

    • Emma: Is it because we haven't been around our partners or does Big Brother have a nice voice?

    • Emma: (asked if her lack of friends and being distant from family members were as a result of her being so judgmental) I was just being myself. If being opinionated is being judgemental then I'm sorry. I was just being myself and I wasn't the one who had opinions in the house.

    • Emma: (asked if other people bitched as much as she, Aleisha & Billy did in the "Big Brother" house) Absolutely, bearing in mind 30 minutes of each day are all that's shown. It wasn't just us, it was everyone. It's human nature and we're not put in there to be best friends and it was just venting not bitching.

    • Emma: (asked about her relationship with fellow "Big Brother" housemate, Rebecca) Rebecca and I are two different people and didn't click from the beginning and despite the effort I madfe it just wasn't working. It wasn't a one way side with bitching, she definitely had her opinions as well.

    • Emma: (defending the actions of her family not to tell her of her father's passing while in the "Big Brother" house) It was my family's decision and I respect what they did and Big Brother definitely, I respect what they did as well.

    • Emma: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemate, Thomas) I'm not being mean, but I find him repulsive.

    • Emma: (when asked which animal best represents her) A tiger because I bite. Grrr!

    • Emma: Sorry, no dirty stories at the beach, something I guess I'll have to add to the list of things to do. I have a few other tales but nothng involving the beach. I am sure there are heaps of other places more comfortable and interesting. I don't know if I'd enjoy sand in my bits. It sounds very uncomfortable.

    • Emma: (asked if she had ever gone naked) Swimming? Yes, in the Greek Islands. It was such an exhilarating experience. I have also had some raunchy pictures taken at a nudist beach once and that was hilarious. There were guys everywhere waiting for me to strip down but only my top came off and I mainly covered my boobs with my hand, so they kind of missed out. Hopefully no perverts were hiding in a bush watching.

    • Emma: Don't judge a book by its cover. People have always done that to me - blonde hair, boob job, people always think you're thick.

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