Emma Pierson

Emma Pierson


4/30/1981, Plymouth, Devon, England, UK

Birth Name

Emma Jane Pierson


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Emma was born on April 30th, 1981 in Plymouth, Devon, England. Her mother was a nurse and her father was a submariner in the Royal Navy. She had three siblings. She began taking acting lessons when she was a teen. While in college she was spotted by a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Emma Pierson The actor best known in Blood Lines as Justine Hopkin and Hotel Babylon.The actor Emma Pierson is a very talented actor and played a great role in the two part ITV 1 drama Blood Lines and is also the highlight of Hotel Babylon as Anna.moreless

    Emma Pierson is a very beautiful and attractive actress and outshined Max beesley in Bloodlines.I think Emma would be more successful in playing roles in crime drama and soaps and would also be suited to a role in The Bill,as an actress she also has a great career in modeling as she is a beautiful young actress.

    I am a big fan of Blood Lines and would like to see Emma in a simalar drama.She also plays the part of Anna Thornton Wilton and excelse's herself.The actress

    has also got an unique website with details of her career.

  • The recent ITV drama in 2005 Bloodlines starring Emma pierson was i think a big success.The stars talents made the drama sem so real and she played a very good part as a police officer.The character of Justine Hopkin outshined Max Beesley (Bannerman)moreless

    The role of which Emma Pierson played in Bloodlines would make her an ideal character for THE BILL,Plus she has the experience to star in further dramas than Bloodlines and Hotel babylon.The type of actor she is with good looks and intelligence would help her progress her acting career.I also would like to see Emma Pierson take part in Police ducumentary\\\'s following the work of the UK police as she made such a good example of forfilling the role of Pc

    Justine Hopkin and i hope to see her in future TV programmes.moreless