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Emma Taylor-Isherwood

Emma Taylor-Isherwood


4/27/1987, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Emma-Rose Taylor-Isherwood



Also Known As

Emma Isherwood, Isherwood Emma
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Emma Taylor Isherwood was born in 1987. She is a Canadian actress who began her career at the age of nine with voice role in the animated special, Teady Bears Rescue. Miffy and Mona the Vampire are other series' that Emma has voice acted in. In some productions,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Emma Taylor-Isherwood Is 19 yrs old. Her birthday is April 27,1987.

    Emma Taylor-Isherwood is so great. She\\\'s pretty,talented, has a great voice, and is a wonderful actress. Strange days at Blake Holsey High was the best show. They shuold film more episodes. She should be way more famous.She would be a great role model for girls who are just becoming teens like me. Another reason for her to become more famous.she should keep her red hair, it looks great.She was so nice in the show .Iassumeshe\\\'snice in real life too. How could Victor Pearson think she was mean.Emma Isherwood is a great actress even though she may be short,that is not a bad thing. Emma Taylor-Isherwood is a great person!moreless
  • A great actress with lots of talent!

    She's a fantastic actress. Great job on Strange Days at Blake Holsey High. She was a believable character and she was able to take on many different roles.

    Her love triangle thing with her, Lucas, and Vaughn was really interesting. I wasn't sure who i wanted her to be with, because it just seemed like she could go with either of them.

    She plays a great "rough around the edges, but golden on the inside" type of character. But i'm sure she could do other roles that really challenge her and bring her up to new levels and set the bar high for her.

    She's a great actress; i hope she lands more roles because she really deserves it.moreless