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  • Emma Watson is very gorgeous and she portraits the character 'Hermione' very well. She might have the looks but she also have the personality of a very kind and charming woman.

    Emma plays the part 'Hermione' in the Harry Potter movies with her co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. As we see these kids grow up, we see much more of them and their appearance are more visible to everyone. As Emma is growing, she becomes a very astounding woman who will be like the actresses that we see today. Not only that she is very pretty, as Dan ('Harry Potter') quoted about her "She is so spot-free." She also has a good personality which everyone will notice about her.
  • I think that miss watson is positively the hottest actress ever!! i faancy her sooooooo badly and i have loads of pics of her!!!

    Just to say on that note, she\'s no gorgeous and should be on the list of hollywoods hotties!! she\'s so fit and beautiful!! her eyes are so dark and deep and her hair is the best ever!! i have liked her since CoS and have never gone off her since!! I wish i had a way of contacting her.....just to tell her how i feel!
  • emma wattson is a very wonderful person and actor she is worderful at all the harry potter films. I can't wait to see harry potter and the goblet of fire.

    she did very good at harry potter and the sorcers stone, harry potter andv the chamber of secertes,and harry potter and the prisnor of azkaban. she probaly will do very good in harry potter and the goblet of fire. she is a very good actor and person. she is my favorite actor.
  • Emma Rocks!

    Emma Watson is the one of the most beutiful actresses I have ever heard of. And she portrays Hermione Granger very well. Just to let all of you know who ever thinks that she was born in oxfordshire I asked her myself and she said that she was born in france. Also she is very talented.
  • The best character of the Harry Potter movie series!

    Emma is great in Harry Potter! Her character Hermionie is very smart. She knows about everything! Emma is a wonderful actress and I wish I could see her in more movies than just the Harry Potter ones. She's even good enough to get her own television show. Emma is going to be a big star soon. Just wait and see!
  • Emma watson was born in april 15 1990. Named after her grandmother. also love sports and a actress in the harry potter series movie. hates spiders.

    I am really inspired by her hard work and the things she had done. For example at school she would play lead roles in plays. also as an actress she is pretty and acting as Hermione tells everyone that she is a smart, kind, caring and a girl that likes to order everyone around. the best scene she ever done was punching Tom felton known as Draco malfoy in the movie.
  • Emma Watson ROCKS!!

    Emma Watson is a great actress and the prettiest in her generation. She does an excellent portrayal of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, and really showed how Hermione changed.

    In the first film, she is a prissy girl who eventually learns how to make friends. In the second film she is intelligent but gets petrified, so we don't see her that much. In the third film, she is really cool because she has the time-turner and is clever and able to save two lives with Harry Potter. I think that she did a good job acting upset about buckbeak and portraying Hermione's fighting with Ron as well.

    I am looking forward to seeing the 4th movie in November!
  • Emma's hot!

    I have to admit, Emma Watson is one of the hottest actresses on the whole damn planet. She's really hot and so pretty. Whoever says she should be on the list of hollywood hotties, then this person is correct. She should be on the list of hollywood hotties. She's so damn hot in the GoF and PoA.
  • In my opinion, she is one of the best young stars ever. If I could meet her in person, I would be in joy. I hope I meet her...

    She is one of the most incredible young stars in the history of... well I don't know... life I guess. She's pretty, talented, and really knows how to act well. Too bad for me she lives in another country, Im in West Covina, California. Most people would give anything to meet their favorite star.
  • Emma is soo adorable!

    I think emma watson is really cute.She portrays the character Hermione Granger very well.I\\\'m a big fan of the book Harry Potter.I have a smalll crush on her now lol.She seems very sweet in all her interviews.Think its time for her to go beyond Haddy Potter and make other movies.She probably wants to play a normal american school gurl. I\\\'d love to watch that.
  • wow

    wow i think emma is really really cute. first time i saw her i was like hmmm not bad. then i saw the second harry potter previews on tv and i was like damn she changed. she is really cute and im just a year older which is really cool. anyways i think she is a good actreess and very cute
  • Emma Watson is hot!!!

    Emma Watson is extremly hot, she is also a very talented actress and protrays Hermione really well. The Harry Potter movies wouldn't be the same if she wasn't in them. She has definitely established herself as one of the hottest actresses ever. Though in my opinion she is the hottest actress ever.
  • emma is so hott i need her number! call me emma

    ive seen all the movie of harry potter and i wanna see the goblet of fire really badley and emma is so hottt.i love her acsent. Daniel radcliff from harry potter is lucky i think he kisses her in the goblet of fire. y y y y y y y y y y
  • Hi emma i just wanted to let u know i think you are the hottest girl ever! also, i wanted to give u my e-mail address so we could talk if u ever read these. it is catboy101375@netscape.net. my name is derrick and i am in love with u! bye!

    hi emma i also wanted to let u know that i love u and i must talk to you. that is because i have never felt this way about a girl before in my life! also i think you looked very charming in that red dress at the yule ball. when you were walking down the stairs i couldnt help myself but to gaze at your wonderful beauty! please write to me in an e-mail address or find some other way to. must hear your voice but cant cuz i live in u.s.a and u live in the united kingdom.
  • Emma Watson starred in all four of the Harry Potter’s movies and I think her gorgeous. Her acting is great and so is her beauty. I notice that Emma doesn’t wear much make up and I admire her for that.

    I thought Emma was gorgeous in the 3rd Harry Potter’s movie. When she cut her hair short she looked so good. Her hair wasn’t all bushy and curly anymore, but short with curls. I think she is one of the prettiest young actresses in the entertainment business. Have you guys seen her in the dress at the Yule’s Ball? That pink dress matches her so well. Her face, hair, makeup, etc was perfect. She couldn’t look anymore gorgeous. Besides being gorgeous she can act too. Emma is one of the few actresses that can cry. I think she will have a great career in the entertainment business.
  • Sexy

    A very sexy actress from England that is currently in 4 of the Harry Potter movies. She is one of girls that can cat and becase of this, she shoul be given more attention. She has a great face and figure, and also is a great actor and that is cool.
  • I think she's a great young woman, I choose 10 (( Score )) for her because she really worth it.I sent for her a letter (( surface mail )) and I don't know if she got it. I really love her from my heart yes I really do.

    Emma Watson, this name will be immortal in ours hearts. she begin to act whene she was, I thnk, seven years. I know every thing about her life, What's her favorite pets, books, movies, songs, programs.
    When I heard about her I thought she will be like an other actress, but my cerebration was wrong because she's completely perfect. She's the first actress who I fell in love with.
    We can't describe her, because the words not enough for this thing.
    My name's Ahmed and I'm now is ready to tell the world that i'm fallen in love with Emma Watson, and I'm prepared to do anything for her.
  • Emma Watson, is the beautiful name but that listens in my life. It meant Emma to him that your performances are wonderful and I am in favor crazy of you who me iria until there. Single it is enough to me whereupon you read it

    Emma Watson, is the beautiful name but that listens in my life. It meant Emma to him that your performances are wonderful and I am in favor crazy of you who me iria until there. Single it is enough to me whereupon you read it but if querés to respond to me you prune it to do to neo_kpo@hotmail.com bye. My name is alive Matias and in Argentina
  • she's the best!

    I think that emma is a great actress..i really admire her..beside she's very beautiful girl!!
    but i think she needs to performe in other movies, after harry potter of course , cause i hope she and daniel radcliffe play hermione and harry in all the movies!!
    yes i'm a hp fan!lol
  • Emma's the world's hottest actress.I hope we could meet one day.

    Emma has no comparission with every other actress of her age, not only of her age she could defit even Britney or Christina in any contest. You have to give a show, it will brake all ratings.
    I love you EMMA you rule my world and i think i´ve got your mail
  • Emma Watson is HOT! That's for sure. Check out Emmawatson.us for the latest Emma Watson news.

    Emma Watson. Hermione Granger from the HP movies, and definitely one of the hottest actresses ever. Along with Keira Knightly, she is one of England's most known young actresses. Many actresses are gorgeous, but Emma has something very few actresses have: class. She is very classy. She always takes time out for her fans, and only leaves when her agents and security practically drag her away. She's the most talented of the Trio. She's known as "One-Take Watson" because they can get most of her shots in one take. People say she's too gorgeous to play Hermione, but as far as I'm concerned, that's one thing I have no problem with them changing. Check out the latest news at Emmawatson.us
  • Emma watson is one of the greatest actors to walk on the planet!!!!!!!

    Emma watson is one of the greatest actors alive no wonder they picked her for the Harry Potter movies.Emma acts like the one in Harry Potter she is smart and sereious about school.If someone wanted to replace Emma they would never achieve their goal because she is the greatest of the great in acting.
  • Emma Watson; what do you think of her?

    Emma Watson is truly one of the beautiful young aaspiring actressess of tomorrow and with such success at such a young age, she's practically plouged her way to be the great actresses of the 2010's. Just fifteen turning sixteen this April she's already made a name for herself as Hermione Granger, in the Harry Potter Saga, and her fame has climbed increasingly thanks to the web and many of her supporters. She's bound to be the next Keira Knightley or possibly even Julia Roberts all sharing a wonderful smile and unique beauty.
  • good

    I really like emma watson in harry potter. she is a great actress. i also love her english accent. i liked her the best in harry potter and the chamber of secrets and harry potter and the sorcerer's ( philosopher's ) stone. and my favorite seen with her is in harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban when she punches malfoy. she works really well with daniel radcliffe and rupert grint. hermione is probably my favorite character in the haryy potter books. i hope she does more movies after harry potter. this is my review for emma watson. harry potter rocks
  • Emma Watson is definitely a very pretty young woman! She is also an amazing actress!

    Emma Watson is definitely very very pretty! She has a great personality and loves to laugh, just like me! She sounds like a great person to meet! She is also an amazing actress! She is most known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter films. She plays her part very well and seems to take it very seriously. She has a passion for acting, that is easy to see. One more thing to add! A lot of the boys in my grade, especially one I hang out with, are in love with her and she is the girl of their dreams. They won't stop talking about her and how "hot" she is so that gets on my nerves pretty easily, considering I am a girl. Other than that, Emma is great! Keep up the great work Emma! You will one day win an oscar for your efforts, I am sure of it!

  • Hey I am a 12 years old girl who is really fan of emma watson!!Im gonna tell you about a story that is going to drive you nuts lol!! so when you read the story don\'t think that I am idiot but it\'s because I really love her!!

    heyyyy!! I am yara chidiac!!I am lebanese !! So emma watson is my \"idole\"!! i really love her !
    !!she \'s beatiful ,nice and really she knows how to act!!i would love to be an actress like her but so far I am reaaly really shy !!
    so I\'m going to tell you a story and your gonna think that i am stupid but it\'s because i love her !!
    In my room when i\'m alone I play that I have my real friends with me and that Emma is my best best best friend !!!And i talk alone like a stupid girl with lots of laughing and jokink and a lot of things just to try to imagine if I was with her waht would I do !! I\'m not stupid but I really really really love her !!
    OK!!well I will appreciate if a day I can see her and begin our friendship but I don\'t think that\'s gonna be true(just in my dreams i guess)!!
    WHY is my life like this !! ehy can;t i be her friend !!!I\'m sure we are going to get along just right!!!!!
    If emma watson reads this sometimes(j'espere)
    here\'s my mail:yaryour_7@hotmail.com !!let her add me and we will talk with each other and begin to be friends !!!!!

    OK i\'m done!!!!
    last thing:I love youuuuuuuuu!!

    ps:emma\'s friends are really lucky!!!lol!!!!!(K)(L)

    yara chidiac
  • Casting Spells at bay.

    Emma Watson began acting four years ago when she was offered the part of "Hermione Granger" in the famous Harry Potter series.

    Having done no acting work at all before this point, she considers herself very lucky to have been given the oppertunity to be involved in such a large production.

    For her age, [15] she shows a level of maturity and understanding that not many people have at her age. Her acting talents are undeniably the best between her co-stars [Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley)] and is constantly being given harder, more challenging scenes to play as the film progresses.

    Now just beginning to film the fifth film of the legendary series written by J.K Rowling, millions of fans are looking forward to it's release early next year.

    I am glad Emma has gotten this far and am greatly looking forward, as usual to aspects of her future work. But for now, hurry up and finish the next Harry Potter film.
  • Why does everyone hate her? She a better actress then Hilary Duff.

    Emma plays Hermione in Harry Potter, she does a really good job at it. She's very pretty, and I hope that she will do other films. But why is everyone hating her? She's talented, and accually wants to act. Unlike most people in Hollywood. Emma deserves more movie roles. She does a good job, gets insulted, while other actresses do a crappy job, and get an Oscar! Emma will probably become a has-been, and a talentless actress will come out on top!
  • Gosh, where do I start?!

    Emma Watson is like the most awesome-ess actress out there!!! She is so cool, and so taleneted! She plays Hermione Granger in all of the Harry Potter movies and she is my favorite character!! She is THE best, in my opinion. Man, there is so many things to say that right now i cant think of what to say about her. OK, she is just like, one of my most absouluty favorite actresses in the history of history! =D All-in-all, she is just the bomb!!!
  • The amazing Emma Watson.

    Emma Watson, is of course known for her role of Hermione Granger in the incredibly famous Harry Potter Series. After having appeared already in four of the films, she is more than willing, happy and excited to begin filming the fifth and says she is already looking forward to filming the final three in the series.

    With her natural bushy hair, she says that what annoys her most about her role in the movies is that fans and most young children and adults alike that come up to her and call her character ‘Her-my-own’, she says that she sometimes shouts the word Hermione and people who irritate her by saying the name like that.

    Even though, After seven films in the series, there is no doubt that she will become type-cast for her role, but I don’t think it’s going to be difficult for her to breakthrough her typecast role and pursue some other aspects of her career.
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