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  • Emma Watson is for me known like Hermione from Harry Potter! And because of that (Harry Potter is one of my fave books), Emma is ONE OF my fave actresses! She is really good in her job, I mean she is only 16, and she is rich and she has a perfect job!!!!

    Emma Watson is one of my favourite actrisses! I know her from Harry Potter movies! And Harry Potter is my fave movie and fave book, so the characters are my favourite, too! In Harry Potter, there is no character that I don't like (ecxept if the character is bad guy....), every character is good in some ways! And by the way Hermione is my favourite! I adore Emma! She is only 16, and she has great career and she is rich! Her acting is perfect for a teenage girl, and she looks gorgeus!!! Emma, is fantastic actress!!! I love her!!!