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  • The fabulous teenage star Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, who plays Hermione in Harry Potter movies, does serious sports, aces all the exams, tries to live a normal life, definitely will go to college, and loves toast, is awesome!

    She is definitely my all-time favourite. Everything that she has accomplished and done, how she treats her fans and how she changes the view of celebrities in total, and the fact that she's only sixteen, just blows me away. Not to mention her many talents: she can act (HP speaks for itself), sing (pretty good, she may make an album one day), do many kinds of sports (she seriously practises field hockey and rounders), she goes (or went) to art school, her on-set dressing room always is (or was) decorated with little knickknacks, especially the sign: "Beware! Babe inside!" Well, that's that, but she really cares about her fans. At premieres or awards, or anything she always gives autographs, takes pictures with fans, talks a bit, and remembers the ones she has already seen. And she really appreciates her fansites, when they do something nice for her (like a present), she replys. She doesn't act or dress like most of other female celebrities, who usually are half-naked. She's an amazing actress, does interesting interviews, is always funny and can take a joke. It seems she likes everyone. One important thing is that she may not have the perfect face (freckles, braces), but she doesn't do plastic surgery or anything, and that makes her really and naturally beautiful. Besides, the interself is the most important thing, right? And all of that makes her the Emma that we all (and especially me) love.
    Emma undoubtedly rocks!!!