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  • Emma Watson is most famous for her part in Harry Potter as Hermione Granger, one of the biggest film/book of all time. After that, her fame grew even more and she can be seen on many tv shows and award shows.

    Your typical girl-next-door. One minute she's the good, little girl and the next thing she's a star. One of the greatest things about Emma is that she had no experience and came out of nowhere and still managed to impress audiences. She is a very cheerful, friendly person, who seems to be a social butterfly. Apart from looks and the cleverness, their isn't much similar between her world-famous character Hermione Granger. Hermione is the type of person that'll speak out when she thinks somethings wrong and is not afraid to be herself. Most of the time you can find her in the library. Emma, however, seems to be very outgoing, clever, down-to-earth and just a nice person to be around (unlike Hermione who will critisise just about anyone). In general, Emma seems to be a rising star and hopefully will see her in the future making other films and such.