Emmalee Thompson





6/12/1991 , Studio City, California USA

Birth Name

Emmalee Jessica Thompson




Emmalee Thompson is best remembered as Little Prue, the younger character version of Shannen Doherty in Charmed. However, the young actress expressed an interest in acting as a toddler and was demanding to try it by the tender age of two. At the age of four, her parents caved in to her requests in hopes of getting the acting bug out of her system. However, it went from an interest to a major passion, and in just a few short years, Emmalee has built up an impressive resume in both commercial and television.

She completed a role in Charmed and filmed guest stints on Tucker, ER, The Sullivan Sisters, That 70s Show and most recently Cold Case.

When not performing, Emmalee stays busy with piano and flute lessons. She loves to travel, play with her siblings, and just hang out with her friends.