Emmanuel Lewis

Emmanuel Lewis


3/9/1971, Brooklyn, New York

Birth Name

Emmanuel Lewis


  • Emmanuel Lewis from The Surreal Life.
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Three-time People's Choice Award winner Emmanuel Lewis returns to primetime television in The WB's The Surreal Life, starring as a series regular for the first time since he played the title role in the 1980s hit series Webster. A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Lewis began his career at…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Emmanuel sang the Christmas carol 'White Christmas' to President and 1st Lady Nancy Reagan, and cites this as the only performance that he was ever nervous to do.

    • Emmanuel ranked #6 in VH1's list of '100 Greatest Kid Stars' in 2005.

    • Emmanuel's agent and attorney renegotiated his contract after the 1st season of Webster in 1983, to lock into five more seasons and to allow for profit sharing & syndication.

    • Emmanuel is often compared to, and confused with Gary Coleman. The two have three things in common: both are African-American, short in stature, and both have had a hit show about trans-racial adoptions.

    • Emmanuel appeared on the celebrity edition of The Weakest link, and his first question was 'which month has the least amount of days?' he flubbed the answer, and said 'May'. He wasn't voted off though, until the end of the show.

    • Emmanuel has founded his own record label called Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment. He looks for up and coming hip-hop stars, R&B singers, and anyone with a different act or sound to market.

    • Emmanuel appeared alongside Sally Struthers in the children's special The New Adventures of Mother Goose.

    • Emmanuel and Marc Price (Skippy from Family Ties) hang out a lot, he often goes on comedy tours with him, and introduces his act. They also have done several promotional tours together across the United States.

    • Emmanuel would like to direct and produce movies one day, hoping to string all of his talents together.

    • Emmanuel co-starred in a movie with Ben Vereen in 1985, called Lost In London.

    • Emmanuel has been a guest star on the following television shows: The Love Boat, In The House, Family Matters, Moesha, and Malcom & Eddie.

    • Emmanuel was befriended by Michael Jackson in the beginning of his career, and accompanied him to the Emmy and Academy Award shows, dressing in matching tuxedos. They had a special relationship, that was very important to Emmanuel, and remain friends to this day.

    • Emmanuel made a lot of new friends during The Surreal Life taping, but is closest with MC Hammer, who nicknamed him 'Manny Mo' on the show, and spends a lot of time with since.

    • Emmanuel credits his strong bond with his family to staying out of trouble as a child star, a feat that not all child stars have been successful at.

    • Emmanuel can't understand why people are still trying to pick him up and tote him around, he is a grown man, regardless of height.

    • Emmanuel was not slated to be the star of his hit television sitcom Webster. The spotlight was intended to be placed on Alex Karras and his relationship with Susan Clark. After the first two episodes, the fans were falling in love with Emmanuel, so the show changed it's focus.

    • Emmanuel let his mother manage his fianaces throughout his entire childhood career, calling her the president of the company that he owned.

    • Emmanuel became one of Japan's biggest stars in the late 1980s, making three appearance tours to meet & greet his fans, and released a record that went to #1 on their charts.

    • Emmanuel played the role of the Changeling Boy in the Joseph Papp New York Shakespeare Festival production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

    • Emmanuel was discovered for acting roles after being spotted in the flood of commercials he was placed in during the early 1980s.

    • Emmanuel began his acting career when he took advice from a childhood friend, who suggested that his mother contact the Shuller Talent Agency. The agency handles gifted children for television commercials, and his friend thought he had the right look. The agency agreed, signing him the first visit, and putting him to work in commercials within a week.

    • Emmanuel had a No. 1 Hit Single in Japan titled "City Connection."

    • Emmanuel has a first degree black belt in Karate and Tae kwon do.

    • Emmanuel is 3ft 6in tall, and doctors can find no medical reason for his height, he has grown 6 inches since age eleven. He has a brother Roscoe who is over 6 ft tall.

    • Emmanuel was 12 years old when he first appeared on Webster and 18 years old when the series ended.

    • Lewis graduated with a theatre arts degree from Clark Atlanta University in 1997.

  • Quotes

    • Emmanuel: People thought I was this doll that came to life, so I would have different people just treating me very strangely as far as I was concerned. They wanted to see if I was real.

    • Emmanuel: I want to direct, produce, and write, learning as I go. Learn this area, learn that area. I plan to go to college and study business, because understanding the business is a must. That's so you can be on top of things all of the time. You have to think one step, two steps, three steps ahead, you can't just sit still.

  • Mannie, class act true A-List star! You will be missed!!

    Mannie is the one true A-List star that appeared on this season. He has class and dignity. I hated that he was elminated by the underhanded tactics of such jealous and insecure supposed "A-Listers". Rob, shame on you...you were the one that was guilty of manipulating poor Vern, you and Andrea Lowell. Speaking of A-Listers, Ron Jeremy and Andrea Lowell, A-List stars???...like NEVER!!! Mannie was the one B-Lister that held the group together and provided postitive and intelligent input and guidance. B-List is definitely in trouble now!moreless