Emmitt Smith





5/15/1969 , Pensacola, Florida, USA

Birth Name

Emmitt James Smith III




Emmitt Smith's life story and the Dallas Cowboys pretty much go hand in hand. His style was clean and strong, much like that of the Cowboys. He blocked like Walter Peyton, had field vision like Walter Peyton but ran like Tony Dorsett; the best of both worlds.

As a child, Emmitt dreamed of joining "America's Team." He was adamant that if he ever went pro he would play for the Cowboys. Emmitt made a name for himself in high school and was recruited to play for the University of Florida.
He joined the Cowboys in 1990, on the heels of the legendary Tony Dorsett. Emmit soon surpassed Dorsett by helping the Cowboys to 3 SuperBowls. In his time as a Cowboy, Emmitt shattered most records for running backs. Though he joined the Arizona Cardinals towards the end of his career, he retired with Dallas.

Emmitt is now a studio analyst for NFL Total Access. Emmitt Smith appeared on the third season of Dancing With The Stars and was crowned the winner.
On April 22, 2000 Emmitt married Patricia Southall.