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  • Plays Julie Teeger on Monk

    I've only seen Emmy on Monk, and even there she hasn't been on that many episodes, though the episodes she has been on she gives a superb performance, and has great chemistry with the rest of the cast.

    Emmy is cute which only adds to her character's cute and sweet nature.

    I do wish they would use her more, she's a young star that has real talent, so much so that she could be a big star some day.
  • She's outstanding as Julie Teeger on Monk. The one setback is she's not used on nearly enough episodes.

    Emmy Clarke graces every episode of Monk that she appears in. She creates an excellent balance-of young and sweet with the common headstrong attitude that goes along with any regular girl that age- for her character. She steals some scenes with her talent, but doesn't overcrowd the older actors as some young stars have a tendency to do. Overall, I believe Emmy Clarke is on the right path. And who knows...maybe someday we'll read an article with the headline: "Emmy wins an Emmy".